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My review about binance In my opinion binance is the best market at the moment, has a variety of features that are presented very complete so that traders can easily access this market, in this market also has a very large trading volume quality so that it has a very good transaction speed capability. Binance is also very popular throughout the world, and can cover several languages so that everyone can understand Binance also presents various trade features such as margins, futures, options on the other hand I highly recommend this market because it is very efficient and very easy to use here is my review, about the word error more or less, please forgive Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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My review about ethereum Ethereum is very popular in the world of cryptocurrency, because ethereum is neutral, and none has been touched by any company so that ethereum can conduct more financial transactions, it is very necessary for everyone to make transactions. In terms of performance of ethereum having a very good movement that has a confirmation time of about 16 seconds, you need to know ethereum has many advantages such as, digital currencies that have low transaction costs accessible to everyone not controlled by the government, has a neutral nature has a cryptocurenncy wallet, and can be used to make payments between tokens based on erc-20 that's all from my review, more or less and word errors please forgive :)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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