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Hello, i use Trust Wallet since march of 2020. I still can not find any bugs or errors. And they are give us 100 TWT coin or trust wallet coin every time we refer our friends. Most of my friends are using Trust wallet now and i still holding my TWT coin. I strongly believe that they will succeed in crypto wallet industry. Even i lost my device it is possible to backup my lost wallet by using phrase words. Trust Wallet includes a built-in web 3 browser that allows you to explore DApps of the decentralized internet safely.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I joined this ❤️ exchange since 2017, i did not expect they will develop so far. Now there are so many options in this exchange. For example margin trading, so many airdrops and distributions. To use the exchange, users will first have to create an account. The process behind this is fairly simple and straight-forward and you don’t have to verify your account for level 1 which is a 2 BTC daily withdrawal limit. They often coop new projects and did generous airdrop to all users. I love this exchange. I tried so many other exchanges, and they hacked and closed, i thought that why i should not save my coins on this exchange do not repeat my mistake. And at the end they have loan actions on some coins you guys can use this to increase your savings.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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New generation platform, really loves that mostly based on blockchain technology that does not accept to change or delete review and its author get a reward for creating it . Generous airdrop for new users. Easy tasks to do. Simple and easy designed website. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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