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i hope the price can skyrocket, the price stand in place for a long time, if we convert it to bitcoin early we may buy more xas today Both (Lisk and Asch) were forked from Crypti. Asch system uses consensus mechanism which is based on Delegated Proof of Stake(DPOS). However, on the bottom half of the algorithm, we use an optimized variant of PBFT algorithm. This algorithm can achieve the consistency of the loyal nodes by the message complexity of O(n ^ 2) and time complexity of O(1) at tn/3 to prevent bifurcation. In the equation t represents the number of the Byzantine Failures nodes (any possible problems such as network latency, system crash, vicious attack), while n represents the number of all nodes. Asch uses a non-Pow algorithm, so it can’t be mined. However, the benefits can be gained by running as delegators. Asch use AC1. consensus algorithm (an optimized dpos with pbft algorithm) to ensure the output of blocks through the delegate system. Everyone can register to be a delegate; everyone can vote for any delegate, but only the top 101 delegates who get the most votes can forge blocks (accounting). Currently, a delegate can get 3. XAS as reward for forging one block, and each block takes 10 seconds to be forged. Lisk uses Delegated Proof of Stake(DPOS)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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