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The main advantage of the PRIZM cryptocurrency is a personal wallet. It has two versions: light version, and full version. In the light version we can see only ten pages back with transactions. In the full version, we can see all transactions completely, from the very beginning of the wallet, from its creation. To install the full version, you must install the NODA, which also protects your wallet. For storing money in a personal wallet, you get a reward, for example, up to 100 coins, your income increases by 0.12% per day, up to 1000 coins by 0.14%, etc. Those. the more money you have in your personal wallet, the more you receive a percentage for storage.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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PRIZM investments

I have been participating in the PRIZM project for about a year. The PRIZM coin is primarily an electronic payment system. Convenient and profitable exchange system. Where it can be exchanged in any country, for any other currency. You can invest and increase your income. For example, how to increase your return on investment! This coin has unique PARAMINING technology! You get a reward for storing coins in your wallet. The more coins, the greater this percentage! Even if the price of a coin falls, PARAMINING technology will increase your coins and you will not become a loser.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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