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China is one of the countries that has fired against cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. However, there is a blockchain platform of its own, which has even become internationally known: NEO. NEO is a blockchain platform or blockchain. Briefly, blockchain is a data structure that is stored in sets or blocks, distributed in a network. The confirmation of these data is achieved through a process of “consensus” among the participants of said network. This translates into great security and truthfulness of information. Onchain, compañía de investigación y desarrollo de blockchain con sede en Shanghai, comenzó a desarrollar Antshares en febrero de 2014. Antshares pasó a llamarse precisamente NEO con el tiempo. La compañía desarrollado una arquitectura de redes distribuidas (DNA) para permitir la fácil implementación y desarrollo de blockchains. Onchain, a blockchain research and development company based in Shanghai, began developing Antshares in February 2014. Antshares was renamed precisely NEO over time. The company developed an architecture of distributed networks (DNA) to allow easy implementation and development of blockchains. The final intention is ambitious: they want each interested field to easily migrate their data and assets to a private or public blockchain. Precisely, the place where NEO is developed, the most populous country in the world, along with its technology, have led it to stand out. It has also been called "the Chinese Ethereum" Another core point in NEO is precisely the consensus algorithm that they use behind. Contrary to the Participation Test (PoS) or Function Test (PoW), NEO uses one called Byzantine Fault Delegated Tolerance (dBFT), “a consensus algorithm implemented within the NEO blockchain to ensure fault toleranceSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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As is the circumstance with Bitcoin and most altcoins, Litecoin is a decentralized entity, which means it has capabilities without a central authority or government company. The procedure allows the development and transfer of tokens, based mainly on an open supply cryptographic protocol. After a few years of consolidation between the top ten cryptocurrencies and transaction networks, Litecoin seems prepared to divide and reach a genuinely elitist state, but there are operations that must be completed and progress to be achieved. The Litecoin community invites consumers who want fast and fast options that involve cryptocurrency and blockchain technological know-how, and because they are highly appreciated at this time, they will not want to skip the revolution. As a result of that phenomenon, people prefer alternatives such as Litecoin than all those who need deeper investigation. The last reason to presume potential achievements for Litecoin is the media approach that it has begun to have lately. Staying in the eye of the general public will result in this alternative being among the desired possibilities in the crypto universe. Artists, businessmen, businessmen, medical professionals and even athletes are talking about it.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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