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I like this exchange for its simplicity. There are no complex tools in it, an incomprehensible design that cannot be understood without video tutorials from YouTube. Very easy and intuitive design, very easy and intuitive tools for making money. I would recommend this exchange either to beginners or to those who want to start making money on IEO (there are a very large number of IEOs on this exchange)Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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XAPO users' assets are stored in a specially equipped storage facility. That is, virtual coins are provided with a material equivalent stored in a bunker capable of withstanding an atomic bomb. Haro's wallet is designed to store: Bitcoin; Bitcoin Cash; Bitcoin Gold; In addition, it supports 125 national currencies. The service has its own debit card that allows you to pay for goods or services, or withdraw cash. Virtual coins are instantly converted into fiat money at the exchange rate, which solves the problems of bitcoin holders associated with the synchronization of crypto-wallets, the use of exchangers and trading platforms. You can replenish your card with regular money, and they are automatically converted into bitcoins at the current rate. Essentially, the Xapo wallet can be called an internet bank. To get a service card, you need to pay $ 20. These funds will be automatically debited from your kharo wallet when placing an order. The card will be delivered to the address indicated by you, the kit includes instructions and a personal PIN-code. During the first year, there is no service fee; in the future, you will have to pay $ 12 per year for using the card.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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