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Review of HBTC Exchange

HBTC is an easy to use exchange with a fast signup, a lot of trading pairs and products as spot markets, perpetual trading and options and way more. HBTC also offers HBC: this is a token with which you can participate in the success of the exchange itself. You will get a percentage of the collected fees, exclusive airdrops and other benefits when holding hbc, plus there is an active repurchasing program for hbc token (so it should grow in value, when the exchange becomes more and more popular). First impression is definetly positve, and i will stay around with HBTC for a while and test it out even more. Once ill got more experience, i will publish an update for this review.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Im using Poloniex a lot to lend bitcoin to traders, this always worked perfectly for me. Both signup and verification were very fast back then, funding my account as well. Also the API is working great and withdrawals are fast, but a bit expensive. Never really in contact with the customer support, so cant give a rating there.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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