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mercatox is great exchange crypto platform, i used mercatox from 2017, mercatox have more options crypto, but i see mercatox have a some problem, the first problem is low volume, many crypto on mercatox have a low volume, if mercatox want to better than before, mercatox have to delist some crypto do have a lower volume, mercatox also selections some crypto do want listed on there platform, example, mercatox have a coin voting, if some crypto want to listed on mercatox, the team will see some details that it crypto, also mercatox have sincronation some crypto do have big withdrawal feeSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Fee of okex

i know okex from my friend, i try to create account and trading on this platform, okex is great platform crypto exchange, many options crypto and have a great display, but i guess to reduce fee for withdrawal, but overall it's oke, also okex have experience to be the best exchange, if okex can reduce the fee, i sure, people and whale will be coming to there, okex also can buy crypto with visa or mastercard, you can try with small balance if you doubt with okex, but i sure, if you have create account and trade on this platform, you will leave other crypto exchange platform do you have Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Fee on bittrex

bittrex is a good exchange, have a real volume but don't have option coins on his platform, bittrex also have a cheap fee on his platform, i used bittrex since 2016, before binance come, i'm sure only bittrex have a real volume, i'm very recommended to used bittrex for trading your cryptocurrencies Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Fee of bitcoin

so far i used bitcoin to transaction on digital network, then fee of per transaction is very small, and now the piece is very large, I can understand because of the limitations of this coin, and also many users who increasingly know what bitcoin is now fee vSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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