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This platform has a great advantage over other major exchanges with a large number of different coins. Yes, not very famous. Yes, not everyone is actively traded. Yes, there are benches. But it is present everywhere, but on this platform, you can find a lot of really interesting coins, for example, "FRST" or "CNB". I use YoBit for more than a year, for all the time of work with this site, I can only comment on it very positively. The feature of this platform is a huge number of different tokens and trading pairs. There are a lot of tokens and trading pairs. Personally, about three months ago I invested about $ 2500 one of these coins, at the moment I have a 40% profit.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I using blockchain wallet for hold my crypto using blockchain wallet since 3 years very good wallet blockchain my favorite wallet. Choose an secure wallet for protect all the money on this wallet if you choose an scam wallet then you can lose your earned crypto currencies easily and never transfer your currencies to unknown wallet or exchange which offers you to they double your currency As of now I’m using blockchain wallet, Coinbase ,electrum(for windows) that’s my best wallets. I think this wallet is a very safe and very popular wallet. The best bitcoin wallet is the blockchain wallet. So you can use this wallet. A very reliable wallet.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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