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its my own experience. While assessing this platform, I encountered with some technical glitches. I am not sure whether this problem from my end or platform side. Belive me still no clue for me. When I contact with support care, there is no faster response. I have waited for longer time nearly half of the day to get issues resolved. Still no clue. Even though it has highly advanced technology, support care play a vital role in any knid of business ! People should aware of it. Another one advantage from this platform, you can get invoice, which more credible than other.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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From my point of review, it is greatest choice for investment than bitcoin, which keeps on fluctuating in terms of price. It has highly advanced blockchain technology and Artificial intelligence (AI) for tracking spams and scams. It ensure the safety of our money! The creators or developer should provide some tutorial for non tech people to learn or make them understand about the tools and tech used in this project. there are some problems regarding mining platform too. It should be ratified as soon as possible. Regarding the update or new things of project, it should use faster platform or media to disseminate in and around the people. tmentSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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