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Software für synthetische Daten

Synthetische Datensoftware hilft Benutzern, künstliche Datensätze zu erstellen, die aus strukturierten Daten, Text, Bildern oder anderen Arten von Informationen bestehen. Diese Tools ermöglichen es Benutzern auch, Daten zu erstellen und zu schützen, während die Muster im ursprünglichen Datensatz intakt bleiben. Um mehr über Software für synthetische Daten zu erfahren, lesen Sie die Rezensionen in dieser Kategorie.

Alle Ergebnisse

ai vision Logo
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Deep Vision Data specializes in the creation of synthetic training data for supervised and unsupervised training of machine learning systems such as deep neural networks, and also the development of XR environments as reinforcement and imitation learning platforms. Mehr sehen

datomize Logo
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We turn sensitive data of any scale into a safe synthetic version with unparalleled accuracy. Data you can share, analyze, and drive value from with confidence. Mehr sehen

syntho Logo
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We develop AI-based software that can be trained on any form of structured data. After training, our Syntho Engine is able to generate new, ‘synthetic’ data. This is the essence of what we do - we generate a completely new, artificial dataset that reproduces the statistical characteristics of the original dataset, while warranting that no records from... Mehr sehen

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ai.reverie Logo
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AI.Reverie is a simulation platform that trains AI to understand the world. Mehr sehen

anyverse Logo
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ANYVERSE's computer-generated datasets offer the speed, scalability, and photorealistic visual accuracy needed by Machine Learning and Perception teams to rapidly progress to high-confidence artificial intelligence models. Mehr sehen

genrocket Logo
0 Bewertungen

GenRocket is an emerging technology leader in software testing technology, serving IT services companies and enterprise customers who demand superior quality and efficiency in their software development operation. GenRocket is the next generation of Test Data Management (TDM) solutions that uses a synthetic test data generation system that allows users... Mehr sehen

lexset Logo
0 Bewertungen

To enable better computer vision development, LexSet has created TDaaS (Training Data as a Service), using 3D content to create photo-realistic synthetic data to train Vision AI models. The approach allows users to generate limitless amounts of training data on-demand; customizing the camera type, lighting conditions, occlusions, and materials in a... Mehr sehen

oneview Logo
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OneView is a platform for the acceleration of remote sensing imagery analytics in a scalable and cost-effective way. The platform creates virtual synthetic datasets to be used for machine learning algorithm training. OneView enables skipping the tedious process of collecting, tagging, and validating real images from drones, airborne, and satellites. The... Mehr sehen

statice Logo
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Statice develops state-of-the-art data privacy technology that helps companies double-down on data-driven innovation while safeguarding the privacy of individuals. Thanks to the privacy guarantees of the Statice data anonymization software, companies generate privacy-preserving synthetic data compliant for any type of data integration, processing, and... Mehr sehen Logo
0 Bewertungen

Tonic mimics your production data to create safe, useful, de-identified data for QA, testing, and development. Tonic’s synthetic data platform equips developers with the data they need to build products effectively, while achieving compliance and security. With Tonic, teams shorten development cycles, eliminate cumbersome data pipeline overhead, and... Mehr sehen

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