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Logotipo de copay bitcoin wallet

Copay Bitcoin Wallet

If we were to look only at its features, Copay would be a solid choice for a wallet. However, today there are alternatives that supply similar features without the politics that accompany Copay. Also, until the missing funds issue is resolved, it’s hard to recommend Copay as a solid choice. Mainly using it for transferring large amounts of funds. Use it to purchase other software products. Really helps to keep track of all currency. Keeps track of converted currency and transferred transactions.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de xapo wallet

Xapo Wallet

I like xapo application for the security benefits it has integrity, few wallets comply with a security like Xapo's In the company it helped us to facilitate the reception of payments in Bitcoin and keep them stored in a safe way, checking all confidence in the tickets and the company that manages the systemVer reseña completa

Logotipo de hitbtc


If you need a reliable, secure exchange, with many users and years in the market trust in HitBTC. It is the best option for a secure electronic commerce, only if you need to trade with cryptos. Thanks to the fact that your commissions are low you can count the necessary profitability. I recommend it for any user who wants to invest in this new market. With HitBTC we can follow the cryptocurrency market and make the best decisions for our investments. Having funds in bitcoin allows us flexibility when purchasing equipment abroad and avoiding economic problems. With this exchange I can also have the wallet directly with them and have my funds secure. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de poloniex


We operate as a physical bitcoin store, where our customers can buy with different means of payment, all kinds of cryptocurrencies, thanks to poloniex, we can offer an endless number of currencies, for all tastes, which broadens our business spectrum, the advantage of poloniex, is that it offers us prices, according to the market, and withdrawals and transactions with different currencies, are very economical, which allows us to negotiate, with them, and obtain better benefits.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de binance


Binance now adds levrage trading also binance have more than 6billion$+ bitcoin volume and alts diffrent also binance coin value increases 4$ to 40$ in just 9 months, Being able to access a wide range of currencies and trade with advanced trading tools. At my old agency, our employees all pitched in for a small crypto fund. Unfortunetly everyone lost their money in the crash. LolVer reseña completa

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