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This is going to be an incredible home run of a project. Justin already owns Peiwo, a very successful company. The team members he's brought over, are mainly from Alibaba and know how to work on such an ambitious project as this. The main net will be released in March. Do not believe the negative people that are jealous of somebody so young being successful. Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, went through the same thing in the beginning and where is ETH now? I'm 110% positive that this project will succeed. There's too much manpower and money behind it. It's such a big project that the roadmap is slated for 10yrs to complete. Yet, Justin and his team work diligently, every day not only hitting deadlines with the work, but he's active on promoting the project. IMHO, No other project has the potential for this kind of growth. Go to, then click on source code and check github for "comits" which show updates to the project. That doesn't lie about the work being done. Good investing and good luck!!!!!Ver reseña completa

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