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Ibrahim S.

Ibrahim Sunday

9 nivel
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Ibrahim S.

Ibrahim Sunday

9 nivel
236 reseñas
478 karma
Born at Gombe sta I am currently a 400 level mechanical engineering student at Federal university of technology Minna, Niger state. I am a web developer as well
Student/web developer
Se unió a Thu Sep 17 2020 23:51:37 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de free ton

It is been a while but I'm so glad and excited to be reviewing this wonderful project and in respect to the competition as well. GOING to take you through the fastest block chain we are going to be talking about what it is really is. I'm also going to be mentioning how the block chain benefit a wide range of industries, including the financial and the other project as well as the government system. First of all, a little history. In 2017 there was an open telegram network project which was launched by a Russian enterpreneur. A lot of funds were generated, during the ICO, and due to some SEC issues, this enthusiastic enterpreneur had to hand the project to independent developers. Along the line the project was renamed freeTon by the new developers. This blockchain-based platform is fast, the spped cannot be over emphasised. this blockchain is very fast, capable of completing up to 100,000 transactions PER SECONDS, compared to some of the fastest block chain, solana(50,000tps), polkadot(1000) and the all mighty ethereum only capable of handling only 30 transactions per second. Aside that throne is one of the most scalable blockchain and it is provably one of the most secured Blockchain. Well the transaction fee has been beaten by the KCC network, though a 0.01$-0.02$ per swap on the blockchain is very fair. The project is very open source and it has it's called being publish on the github. So you should take note that independent projects where developed from this network, the freeTON, newTON, and the TON community blockchain. FreeTON uses a decentralized structure, based on the smart contract, and has 8 ecosystem and down in the decentralized autonomous organisation. Its main aim was to create various services and ordinary transaction that can solve individuals government parastatals and even bigger companies. I sent this project with great potential to become a very big global project, engulfing various areas as it is already nicked name the SUPER server.. speed of transaction has been one of the major demands of users and with the outstanding capabilities of this blockchain to be able to provide such speed I believe it to be a centre of attraction. But the problem is I couldn't find any way to bridge coins to this block chain yet. The Ton crystal token which has been the driving fuel of your free TON ecosystem. The token initial total supply was 5 billion. At first uses golden buy this coin the only get it through their contributions to the development of the project and ecosystem. You can get it rolling a validator. Participating in various competition and the development of the project participating and boundaries I'm buying the stockings from users who are already earned them. One of my main attraction today's project has been the fact that there is no any body labelled as CEO or any board of directors for business management department. This project is being managed by a whole community who have agreed on one common goal United and very enthusiastic about the project. The project has a section where you can freely comment, criticize and drop your feelings about how things should be at the project. The developers of this project are very All cried out but are these unique concept about the methods Andy meritocratic distributions of the token. In the talking distributions it is carried out today competitions and group. Hear the users are being allowed to even decide the budget of the competition how much should be allocatted for the winners, and the competition is being held in the same group. After the competition is over the judges decide the winners and the talking is being allocated to devalue swimmers into their wallet. The system has been do adopted by a virus decentralized autonomous organisation one of faith I noticed majorly is the binance crypto exchange during their giveaway in the periods of their launch pad.\ Also, attached to this Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de 3x long shitcoin index token

When I started up in trading I have considered a When I started up in crypto, I always consider tokens which are more volitile. This brings in more profit, as if proper analysis are made, a very accurate prediction can dme made. I found a lot of tokens and the long st coin index token is one f them Long Shtcoin Index Token (BU as it is being popularly referred by its developers) is a token based on the etherium network, which seeks a return that corresponds to 3 times the daily return of sC Index. Trading this coin has been a wonderful experience, not until it's massive dump... I didn't invest much though due to lack of trust I had for the developers and have been purchasing and using a lot of protocols. are usually preferred the most volatile tokes because because are used Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de qbtc

QBTC it's one of the exchange rate one cannot determine its credibility or say if it is a harness platform or not. But if there was a rumour about it not being credible, then I believe it is completely not credible t at all. Justin started well with a lot of functionalities and offerings of food services in advance to a big level that most Exchange haven't reached at the moment. They have a beautiful user interface as well as very good market value as well as users. They have their own native Token, which was performing very well as a fork for Bitcoin. Some users claim that this platform has been living with drawer issue and they see it as a very big scam. It is advisable for you to stay away from it for now kill all the allegations are being cleared.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de

The exchange is a platform from the Seychelles, it came up in 2019 and a lot of years as mistake it for a kind of sexual project or anything related to that period the exchange is no longer active and they have went offline. But I kept on being baffled by the way users have done the various social Media platform handles for this exchange to share some bad videos and pictures which are very bbad. I suggest that the management of this platform should go and delete all their social media platforms for now as it is very misleading to their brand name 1 oz day even from this exchange and find a very one which will meet your demandVer reseña completa

Logotipo de exonium

Has been one outstanding Singapore is one of the country are always nice to receive sometimes and has attracted me due to their technological advancement and opportunities available there. They have been able to made a lot of crypto tools and which exonian exchange is one of them period the exchange came out in 2019 and has been performing very well. I found this exchange to be credible enough for you to invite him as they have a very good user interface very easy to navigate and make a simple trade. The exchange has a great potentials of becoming a living exchange but for now the site is under maintenance. All their services will be back fully and more better when they are back... It is a very good platformVer reseña completa

Logotipo de gdex

The Gdex is one of the exchange available in the market powered by bitshares. It is a decentralized platform and has been training very good in the market. I enjoy the layout of the website and the whole functionalities they made for the platform. Obviously the user interface of any exchange is the most determining factor of the user's experience which is the first impression you get from using any exchange. I see this exchange with alot of functionalities which include trading as well as mining staking and other investments. I see them to be very trusted and reliable as well as having a good number of users. They are secured and has not received any bad report for nowVer reseña completa

Logotipo de dxbxchange

They Exchange come up in 2018 and originated from one of the home for most of the essential have which is a united emirate. The exchange has been trading very fairly the very hot here I'm transaction fees we really have even able to respect some good coins and a trading port in the market. This is exchange service available potential and advertises very well in the market at the beginning of it. How long do you know this exchange read offline and the website for this platform is no longer accessible. In your best interest stay away from this platform as much as you can and check out others which might suit youVer reseña completa

Logotipo de coiny pro

this exchange is a Turkish exchange and has been in existence for some time. It has shown a very good performance and credibility as well as good customer service to its uses. The exchange has been one of the most easiest exchange to use and navigate it has is very good user interface and was equipped with a very nice mobile app which are very easy to use and make accessibility very easy for you. The exchange are trading at a fee of 0.1% battery and has been able to show credibility and fairness in all day do. I enjoy the way the exchange has a lot of users and social media activities it makes it more reliable and secure it is a good exchange for you to check outVer reseña completa

Logotipo de global gravitation bitcoin

tThe choice of our Exchange is very important as a lot of exchange are in the market, it is important you make a real care ful search on any platform you're about to get into. As their are a lot of scams projects in the market. The global gravitation bitcoin Exchange is was in the market for sometimes, but presently is not available. The exchange showed some momentum and abilities to be a leading exchange but loose it at the moment. The website for this Exchange is not accessible, and not loading. It is advisable you stay away till there is an official announcement from the management of the exchange about their re launch, you should disregard anything that has to do with this Exchange. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de triv pro

The triv pro is a centralised exchange which has been launched since 2019 and has been showing good potential. The exchange is a very attractive platform which has made it self an adaptable place for traders. The exchange is very easy to use, equipped with great infrastructure such aas a good trading view and so many more cool services. The exchange has made a lot of listings and appears to be very diverse in the pairs they have made available. I enjoy the services of the exchange as they offer you a trading fee of about 0.1% as well as a fair transaction fee. The exchange seems reliable I noticed that the website stopped going through sometimes and seems to be no be longer functioning  Ver reseña completa

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