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Another issue on Okex exchange is the issue of KYC and the documents involved. I had to submit my details and docs a couple of times before I could be fully approved. I know its for my own security but alteast they should make it user friendly in order not to turn investors or potential investors off.Ver reseña completa

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Bitshares was the first decentralized exchange platform. During its existence, the BTS’ value was fluctuated. Don’t forget that the Bitshares’ assets have approximatively the real value of fiat currencies. For example, you can exchange the BTS into BitUSD as well as BitUSD into USD. BitShares Exchange has free & open registrations. BitShares Exchange has also desktop App available. You can use Bitshares’ tokens to buy even smaller items that costs nothing.Ver reseña completa

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The 0x protocol, however, is used by the Radar Relay exchange, a marketplace with a volume of $1.5 million in 24 hours, and listing 58 altcoins. At the moment, decentralized exchanges are small in comparison to leading marketplaces such as Binance, but their activity has been key to achieve price discovery for new projects. The 0x protocol is seen as one of the major developments in decentralized exchanges, along with IDEX, EtherDelta, and Bancor.Ver reseña completa

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Qtum is one of the best cryptocurrency which is also listed on the crypto exchanges such as binance etc. so due to this trading can be done nicely. But there is little need of progress and market so that this platform can be on its success.Ver reseña completa

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They have a platform of public proposals linked to block chains and resistant to censorship. Easy-to-use cross-platform wallets and an atomic exchanges in interchain between different digital currencies.Ver reseña completa

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Another unique feature of Bytecoin is that it wasn’t made from a fork of bitcoin code. Instead, it was coded from scratch. This is where things get confusing: some people call bitcoin forks Bytecoins (BTE), which is different from Bytecoin (BCN), the currency we’re talking about today. I think the potential of Bytecoin is higher and it has to be more promoted. I see no reason that speaks against this currency. When I think in the past how ripple was unknown and suddenly it jumps, then I see here the same potential.Ver reseña completa

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