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Deep Learning Software

Deep Learning software allows algorithms to "learn" and develop new functionality by assembling and analyzing large volumes of data. Some services, such as image or voice recognition, specialize in specific kinds of data. To learn more about Deep Learning, read the reviews in this category.

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Logotipo de neuton automl
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Neuton (, a new AutoML solution, allows users to build compact AI models with just a few clicks and without any coding. Neuton also happens to be the most EXPLAINABLE Neural Network Framework and AutoML solution currently available on the market. It allows users to evaluate the model quality from various perspectives and interpret... Ver más

Logotipo de darknet
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Darknet is an open source neural network framework written in C and CUDA that supports CPU and GPU computation. Ver más

Logotipo de deepcube
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Ver más

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Logotipo de dlib image processing
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Image Processing is a tool that deals with array2d objects that contain various kinds of pixels or user defined generic image objects. Ver más

Logotipo de slyce
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Slyce is a visual search company that has spent years crafting image recognition technology that solves real-world problems for the some of the world’s largest retail businesses. Today’s consumers hold a supercomputer with the power of a DSLR in the palm of their hands. This hardware combined with state-of-the-art image recognition makes it possible to... Ver más

Logotipo de dermalog face recognition
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DERMALOG Face Recognition. Ver más

Logotipo de eblearn
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Eblearn is an object-oriented C++ library that implements various machine learning models, including energy-based learning, gradient-based learning for machine composed of multiple heterogeneous modules. Ver más

Logotipo de focal
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FØCAL launched from DARPA-funded research and work with recognized leaders like Lockheed Martin. With roots in advanced research programs at MIT and Boston University, the FØCAL team brings the experience necessary to finally fix computer vision system development process for a wide range of customers, from startups to the Global Fortune 500. Ver más

Logotipo de deeppy
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DeepPy is a MIT licensed deep learning framework that tries to add a touch of zen to deep learning as it allows for Pythonic programming based on NumPy's ndarray,has a small and easily extensible codebase, runs on CPU or Nvidia GPUs and implements the following network architectures feedforward networks, convnets, siamese networks and autoencoders. Ver más

Logotipo de image recognition
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Imagga is an image recognition platform-as-a-service that provides image tagging APIs for developers and businesses to build scalable, image and video intensive apps. Ver más

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