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IoT Management

IoT Management services enable developpers to efficiently handle tasks related to the provisioning and authenticating, configuring, maintaining, monitoring and diagnosing connected devices operating as part of an IoT environment. They also support the whole spectrum of functional capabilities of these devices. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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Logotipo de hologram iot
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Own your IoT deployment with Hologram's cellular SIM cards and easy-to-use monitoring dashboard. Our seamless, global coverage, multi-carrier network and support specialists are here to help you connect and manage your IoT devices. Our flexible pricing plans are designed to get you off the ground. Focus on scaling your fleet and managing your devices... Ver más

Logotipo de couchbase sync gateway
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A secure web gateway for data access and synchronization over the web Ver más

Logotipo de emnify
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EMnify is the leading cloud communication platform provider for IoT that enables businesses with high growth IoT products to scale across networks worldwide with a single API. EMnify is solely dedicated to IoT – unlike traditional CPaaS vendors. Its disruptive solution and customer-centric approach are made possible by a team of international experts... Ver más

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Logotipo de asavie passbridge
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Asavie PassBridge® is a cloud hosted, software defined IoT connectivity management platform which is built on X86 hardware. Unlike some IoT connectivity management platforms which focus solely on the provisioning and decommissioning of SIMs, Asavie PassBridge® offers far more than basic internet access. Ver más

Logotipo de blynk iot platform
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Blynk is the most popular IoT platform for connecting devices to the cloud, designing apps to remotely control and monitor them, and managing thousands of deployed products. It's a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that helps individuals and organizations to seamlessly progress from a protoype of a connected product to it's commercial launch. With over 400... Ver más

Logotipo de aggregate
0 reseñas

AggreGate is an Internet of Things integration platform that enables quick solution for five aims of any IoT application: data acquisition, storage, processing, visualization and enterprise application integration. Ver más

Logotipo de akenza
0 reseñas

akenza is the IoT platform allowing you to build great IoT products and services with value. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices; all in one place. We have developed akenza to help organizations build their own smart solutions on a solid technological foundation, without having to reinvent the IoT wheel. Our primary target is to provide you... Ver más

Logotipo de coiote iot device management
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Coiote IoT Device Management enables management of any kind of LwM2M device, regardless of the access technology (3G, LTE, LTE CAT 1, Nb-IoT).The platform offers comprehensive management of the device lifecycle: device provisioning, device configuration and re-configuration, upgrading device firmware (or any other software), performing backups and... Ver más

Logotipo de advantech webaccess/cnc
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Advantech WebAccess/CNC is the core solution for network CNC devices. Based on the 100% web based WebAccess/SCADA software structure, WebAccess/CNC provides major CNC networking functions and provides the advantages of SCADA software to the CNC market. Through the additional ability to monitor I/O devices, WebAccess/CNC brings the benefits of CNC... Ver más

Logotipo de ayla iot platform
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Ayla's Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP) jump-starts the development of iOS and Android apps for controlling IoT devices of any kind. Ver más

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