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December 27, 2020

Revain - powerful tool for your business

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Co.

People tend to help others and share information

Revain is a platform where people share experiences about companies and products. No corrections or meddling allowed in reviews.

  • Sometimes a company offers a solution to a problem in a complicated, expensive or dangerous way.
  • Sometimes a business simply cannot understand the buyer.
  • Then people will definitely try to tell everyone about it.
"There is nothing wrong with changing for the better... Not only buyers, but also entrepreneurs should know about the good and bad in their business. Then they will do better and make less mistakes. Strengthen their pros and fix their cons."

No tampering with reviews

In order to prevent people from the temptation to erase inconvenient details, we use blockchain technology to save reviews from tampering.

More about security

Quality of reviews is ensured by AI

Our artificial intelligence conducts the primary moderation of reviews by checking up to 1000 reviews per minute.

Right here and now, we want to say something important...

Search engines take into account everything that is written about you on the Internet.

We have collected some useful information about marketing, search engines and pricing.

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