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Jiamix exchange is an advanced trading platform for trading variety of crypto currencies such as bitcoin, etheruem, litecoin etc. Also it trade popular fiats such as USD, IDR, INR etc. It is a centralized crypto to crypto trading exchange. Due to limited and insufficient information about this eVoir la critique complète

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Bit point exchange was launched in Japan as a centralized exchange. The translation option in this exchange was very hard to find, due to the fact that it totally use Japanese in the webpage so I have to download one of the translators on play store before I could follow up. Security in this exchaVoir la critique complète

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Aofex exchange was founded in the United Kingdom in 2018/2019 though this information is not trusted due to limited information about the platform anywhere online. The exchange has a marketable interface, though I wasn't able to access the exchange due to the fact that Chinese language is used for Voir la critique complète

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Trade with care!

Amplify exchange was established in 2019, an Irish trading exchange that focuses on a few quantity of cryptocurrencies, though it is limited to less than 12. Bitcoin, litecoin, etheruem and few other currencies are traded in this platform. Staking is allowed in this exchange, in which after stakeVoir la critique complète

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Trade with care

Vitblock exchange is a singaporean exchange established in 2018. Liquidity in this platform is shared with OKex cloud but the amazing part of this exchange is that the trading volume has been $0. the same transaction speed is shared with okex as long as the liquidity is also shared with them. ThereVoir la critique complète

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Trade with caution !

Abby global exchange explained itself as a digital asset trading platform known to be international made, which enables customers all over the globe to purchase, Trade and allows sales of cryptocurrencies. Though, the number of cryptos invested in this platform is not recognized. Abby global exchangVoir la critique complète

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A decentralized exchange established in 2016, called leverj exchange. This exchange was built on the etheruem block chain. Leverj biggest target is to bridge the gap of providing both traders and users with a reliable and an outstanding positive trading skills. This can be obtained through : 1) mVoir la critique complète

tokenbetter logo

Be careful!

Token better exchange was launched in Singapore as a centralized exchange. This exchange didn't last long, then suddenly shut down. Token better exchange was established in the year 2018, but presently closed. Hence we can't regard this exchange as a productive nor an effective one🤔. Most users areVoir la critique complète

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I had wondered seriously why some exchange will be in existence and later go out of business🤔.fides is an inactive crypto exchange. It went out of use since December. During it active period, it provided me with productive and quick trading skills. This exchange started it activities on the 24th oVoir la critique complète

oodlebit logo

Oodlebit is a very reliable exchange with a very friendly user background. This is made mostly for skilled and advance traders for effective trade to be carried on. The exchange is very productive and fast for users to access. It was established in 2018 by Nicholas Dooley known to-be among the deveVoir la critique complète

deribit logo

This exchange is used for trading bitcoin with the aid of trading in pairs. Deribit has a website with a friendly and fancy user interface. The background has a combination of nice colours and a bit attractive. Though the combination of the colours are too plane and whitish, this means of colouratioVoir la critique complète

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Xfututures exchange is both a leverage and derivative trading format, that enables customers to invest their crypto currencies with good leverage amount or position. Xfutures is a centralized exchange which gives support in the distribution of order book with okex. In this case, it isknown indirectVoir la critique complète

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This is another centralised exchange, which was established in Hong Kong. Fine box exchange trading background is not really impressive. This exchange enables it users to trade on 3.3x. Also, the problem on the issue of inability of fast display is affected by the website. The trading view takes loVoir la critique complète

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Atonomi is one of the moderst project which is trustworthy and secured to many system. An advanced method was brought up to offer solution to avoid tracking system and to pursue theft, with one of the excellent method accorded to blockchain, the act of using such currency is summarized in the recoVoir la critique complète

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