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jung kook toddler bathrobe night robe apparel & accessories baby boys best: clothing logo

Less than expected

A short trip, but the little granddaughter, the princess, was very happy. Get a much larger one if the little lady is going to be wearing it for more than just a quick dip after a hot bath or shower.Voir la critique complète

tommee tippee infant trainer sippee baby care logo

First leak proof cup

No leaks at all, switched my 7 month old to these and they have been perfect. She's teething and that helped a lot with the top. It's easy for them to grab and hold. I wish there were a few things under the lid that could be removed for washing, but I understand that this is an airtight part of the lid.Voir la critique complète

simple joys carters 3 pack bloomer apparel & accessories baby girls : clothing logo

Bought this for my daughter and it suits her so cute. I have no complaints. It fits her well and is comfortable. Lots of room to grow, but still nice and cozy. Cute patterns and colors to choose from, matching different tops.Voir la critique complète

ppogoo washcloths purified excellent registry logo

I use these body washcloths every day in the shower. They are very soft, absorbent and gentle. They are six-layered, which means they absorb more water and soap. They work great on my sensitive skin.Voir la critique complète

toothbrush lächen rechargeable intelligent replacement logo

I love this toothbrush

Very happy with my toothbrush. I bought it for me and my husband and we both love it. It's a lot of fun to switch between settings. It has been charged and the instructions state that the first charge must be discharged before charging. We used our toothbrush for over a month before needing to use the charger. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a well known brand when they do a great job.Voir la critique complète

newborn clothes toddler sweatshirt pullover apparel & accessories baby girls best - clothing logo

I was very surprised at the quality of this sweatshirt. I bought the same one for 3 times the price and it was exactly the same!Voir la critique complète

fukumaru hammocks indoor elevated raised logo

That's what my wife thinks about the Fukumaru cat bed. One of our three cats, Bosco, is in the attached photo and looks very happy: I'm glad I ordered this bed - it has a modern look and a lovely tweed hammock. I cover the hammock with a towel to keep the material from getting dirty and filling with cat hair - it would be impractical to unscrew the bed to remove the cover and clean it. The wood is light and very durable. It comes with long screws and an Allen key and is easy to assemble. The cats sniffed it and one of them used it as a stool to sit on a chair! I'm sure one or all three will try it out before tonight. Cats weigh between 7 and 13 pounds and the bed can accommodate a large cat. I'm giving four stars because I think the hammock should be easier to remove for washing.Voir la critique complète

papablic direct adapter breastpumps comotomo logo

There is a rubber seal that is sure to get lost if you pump milk on the go or clean it in the dishwasher. Not clear or transparent like the Boon Nursh adapter that fits Comotomo bottles without a seal. Feels like plastic is cheaper than Boon Nursh. The worst thing is that it doesn't seem to be returnable - Boon Nursh can be returned if it hasn't been used. So if like me you want to see if it fits your Pump and Komoto bottles, buy Boon Nursh first.Voir la critique complète

colored organics organic emerson sleeper logo

Excellent quality fabric

I really like the quality of this jumpsuit! It's very thick and holds up well to washing. A bit small, so I recommend taking a larger one.Voir la critique complète

zunea breathable protectors reflective adjustable cats logo

Very cool, good sole, zip works and there is a pull tab, but the velcro has to be very tight, otherwise you're looking for one or more of them 😳 BTW since they are open toe and mesh though it gets wet, it dries quickly!Voir la critique complète

thumb sucking stop kids adjustable logo

I tried it on my son but he didn't really like it, I had a hard time keeping it on him without being too tight. In addition, it is too flexible, it can easily slip off the thumb.Voir la critique complète

north glacier hoodie cameo months apparel & accessories baby boys logo

Looks the same as the picture. My 2 year old stepdaughter looks very cute in it and she wears it very comfortably on a cold day.Voir la critique complète

protectors resistant adhesive protector furniture safety best in edge & corner guards logo

Went like clockwork!

They apply easily and keep me from messing with my poorly done kitchen and bathroom countertops. (Those corners were practically deadly until I taped these corner edgings to the top and bottom corners of my counters.) It's been over four months and they're still sticking to the counters. It was a great investment of money and time AND most of all. , has protected me and others from serious stab wounds.Voir la critique complète

bseen rechargeable glowing adjustable reflective logo

2nd review: We love these collars. Since our first order, our dog has been wearing these LED collars every day. We have the fifth collar. I ordered 1, then 2, they broke and I have 2 left. We like to have 2 at a time to alternate between wearing while the other charges. Thus, he always has a loaded collar. With 5 of these collars I have found that they always have the same repetitive flaws. For example, the first thing to do is the power button sticker. The power button with the sticker always peels off and falls off within the 1st week. (see photo) Sometimes I glue or tape it or replace it with tape to protect the components from bumps. Another common occurrence that is more serious is stress cracks starting to grow in the plastic case. Usually where the collar comes out and also on the back next to the screw holes, this is the most common spot. (see photo) They will be small at first and then they will grow. I recommend super glue as soon as you see it to keep it from getting any worVoir la critique complète

puj snug ultra spout cover baby care logo

Looks really cute and neat, much less uncomfortable than most spout covers but is made from very thin foam Things that aren't seem to last long when my child spots them and tries to touch/play with them.Voir la critique complète

casual canine basic hoodie large logo

Nice hoodie for your dog

It took me a while to put this on my dog (legs first, head later) but it seems to help keep you warm on cold walks. She's getting older and has short fur, so I don't mind the looks (I would never force my dog to wear clothes for "fashion") reasons. A sweatshirt is the most ridiculous thing we can tolerate because it's functional. However, it would be better if it was cut with a slightly larger waist. I bought the XL and my 60 lb dog finds it too tight (XXL is too long). The arms of XL are very short, almost non-existent. The proportions of the hood and sleeves don't seem right on the XL but I still like it and it's not super heavy so my dog is comfortable. There is a small hole on the back near the neck for attaching a leash. Revain should post the manufacturer's size chart as it shows how to measure the dog for the best fit. Although it does get warmer and I don't use it I think it deserves another star (4) as it worked well and I think my dog really enjoyed wearing it when it was colVoir la critique complète

himen bath toys toddlers 1 3 logo

My three year old loves this toy. Very simple but very fun for a small child. I think Rhis is the best water toy for kids from 6 months to 5 years old!Voir la critique complète

corner bumpers furniture protector chicken logo


Although the frogs are very cute, neither the pre-applied tape nor the 3M brand double-sided tape kept them on the corners for more than a day. They may not have been made for ALL corners of the furniture, in which case a frog size would have been helpful.Voir la critique complète

electric toothbrush waterproof rechargeable irrigator oral care logo

This review is for the Water Flosser Combo Electric Toothbrush. I bought her a blue mug. I think they should have provided one given the cost and the fact that you need a floss. I wish the pressure was a little stronger, but I like the fact that it fits comfortably in my hands unlike other mini portable flossers. I got this to replace my huge irrigator to have some extra space near my sink and it serves my purpose very well. Overall a good product.Voir la critique complète

nike womens air vapormax 360 logo

The best sneakers!

Turns out 1/2 size too big, but I knew that before ordering. The best shoes I've ever had. Very comfortable with great support.Voir la critique complète

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