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bityard logo

BitYard exchange has a simple structure and at the same time is full of features. This exchange supports all types of futures and spot trades. An interesting feature of this exchange is Copy Trade, which has made things easier for users who are interested in this type of trading. After registering and logging in, the Mystery Box Exchange offers. It also gives gifts to do KYC. The spot section offers two types of trades, one of which includes trades with the possibility of stopping and other facilities of spot trades that it offers in most exchange offices. A simpler type of trading is offered by this exchange, which is of the convert type, which is suitable for people who do not have experience in the field of trading and only intend to buy cryptocurrency. In this method provided by BitYard exchange, the desired currency can be purchased only by selecting the source and destination currency.Voir la critique complète

kucoin logo

kucoin is an intermediary exchange that allows you to buy, sell and exchange many different cryptocurrencies. kucoin has gained a lot of fame due to the introduction of cryptocurrencies whose ICO has just been completed. The exchange offers tokens that are popular at the beginning of their journey to becoming a currency code. If you want to withdraw your coins from an exchange, the fee depends on which cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, and the cryptocurrencies transaction fee is 0.1%. This exchange has its own cryptocurrency called Kucoin Shares - KCS! Users of this exchange include discounts on the payment of their transaction fees with KCS coins. In addition, 50% of the revenue from fees received by this exchange also goes to the owners of KCS quinces!Voir la critique complète

brace tennis logo

brACE Tennis is an online store that offers sports products suitable for tennis. The store offers limited categories, and of course, in addition to tennis equipment, it also offers a variety of training packages and training programs in the store. Website footer unfortunately does not have the necessary links for more information and does not provide information about the submission process and return conditions. The design of the website is relatively beautiful and most of the page space is composed of various images of tennis players. Categories are not filtered and it is a bit difficult to find the desired product on this website.Voir la critique complète

ton swap logo

Decentralized exchanges or Token Swaps are one of the most practical and convenient asset conversion tools. The most famous of them is pancake swap. These exchanges do not specifically allow the creation of user accounts and do so by connecting to wallets. TON Swap offers a unique design and great user interface. This wallet provides a connection to the TON Crystal Wallet extension to convert assets. After entering the website, you must first connect to a wallet, and by selecting this option, if the TON wallet extension is installed on the browser, the connection will be made with just a few clicks and the assets will be displayed in the TON Swap program. May be. If you intend to keep TON swap currency for a long time, the transfer fee to the exchange and conversion will be high for the times you want to sell, so in TON swap, stable coins are also listed and you can follow all the trading steps in The program did it itself without the need for a third place. It is also possible to stake this currency, but for this you must first convert it to WTON. The great feature is that this platform provides all the features of a long-term investment, you no longer need any other platform through this program and TON Crystal wallet because the whole process of selling, stacking and converting etc from It is done by connecting to the main wallet and does not need to pay high and annoying fees.Voir la critique complète

ton bridge logo

Free TON offers a unique blockchain that has a dedicated network. The transaction cost in this blockchain is less than the ERC-20 network, and in fact, the innovation of this project has been flexible in this dedicated blockchain. Currently, many cryptocurrency projects do not bother to build a new blockchain and offer their currency in the form of tokens on networks that support Smart Contract, such as Ethereum or Binance smart. chain pointed out. Free TON, in addition to providing a dedicated network, also provides the possibility of transferring TON currency through the Ethereum network. There are currently a limited number of currencies that have both a dedicated network and allow us to transfer from other networks, for example the Tether currency. But in my opinion, most of them are billion-dollar projects, and it is amazing that Free TON also has this possibility, and therefore a great future can be considered for this project. The transfer of TON currency to the ethereum network is done through the official wallet of the project and for that you must have 1.1 TON in the account, this amount means that all investors can use this possibility. The Free TON development team has promised to consider transferring through other networks that support smart contracts, a promise the size of billion-dollar projects.Voir la critique complète

ton crystal wallet logo

TON Crystal wallet is a dedicated wallet for the Free TON project, which of course has the ability to hold several other currencies (you can see an example of holdable currencies in the screenshot below the review). I installed this wallet, which is dedicated to Google Chrome, to check this wallet. This extension can be downloaded directly from the google chrome website, so there is no need to worry about the security of the device, as it is approved by this browser. Build a new wallet in the TON Crystal wallet extension After installing this extension on my browser, when I wanted to open it, a browser tab opens in which we must first create a wallet. Different cryptographic algorithms are used for decentralized wallets in different wallets, which support 5 different algorithms. The default mode is SafeMultiSig, which is actually the Multi signature, and in this method the key to entering the wallet is 12 words, which we randomly take a few words from us to ensure that the wallet maker has written those words somewhere. Asks before making a new wallet. It is also possible to select a 24-word mode. The structure of this wallet This wallet, especially its extension, is very structurally similar to the famous MetaMask wallet. That's why I put the two together to check this wallet so that I can better compare. In terms of design and appearance, TON Crystal wallet is more attractive and more understandable for amateurs. MetaMask is a bit misleading for people who are not familiar with this type of wallet. The good TON Crystal wallet user interface is one of its more convenient features compared to MetaMask. This wallet, similar to MetaMask, supports several MainNet and even TestNet networks. Receiving currency in this wallet includes a fixed address that can be used to make a deposit. Currencies that can be stored in the TON Crystal wallet In this wallet, as I mentioned before, several currencies can be kept. But by default, only TON Crystal currency is displayed in the assets section, and in order to be able to add other currencies to the inventory section, you have to turn on their side key in the Select Assets section, and then the selected currencies. Will also be displayed among the main assets. It is also possible to add Custom Tokens, which can be added by entering the Root Contract address. Of course, as I said, the user interface of this wallet is so simple that anyone with basic knowledge can understand how to activate or the process of other sections. Voir la critique complète

free ton logo

Overview of the project The Free Ton project is a multi-purpose project with a variety of uses. According to the chart of this currency in CoinMarketCap, the currency of this project has entered the cryptocurrency market since October 2020. This project has provided a decentralized network and in this regard includes the good features of decentralized currencies. The currency currently has 16 pairs to trade in 10 different exchanges. The current rating of this currency according to the coinmarketcap rating is 2647, which is a great number of pairs and exchanges that support this currency. Review the blockchain capabilities which is important review for a blockchain project The network of this project is decentralized and therefore includes all the features of a decentralized and blockchain currency. It is possible to check the blockchain and view transaction information and network addresses through the TonScanand Ton .live websites. The server speed of the websites is amazing and I did not encounter any bugs or problems while checking. The speed of TON Crystal network is excellent and each block in this network is built in 0.2 seconds on average. Also, the transaction fees with this network are much lower than many old blockchains. This currency also has a dedicated wallet provided by the development team. The ability to transfer currencies through the widely used ERC20 network is also provided. Also, the most important feature of this wallet in my opinion is the possibility of installing and using it as a browser extension, which makes the relevant activities very simple. Review the value of TON Crystal token According to the chart of price changes, the value of this currency has not decreased much compared to some other projects. Of course, it has lost more than 50% of its value, but there are many currencies that face a sharp drop in price after entering the market, so that the initial buyers of that currency face a lot of losses. The chart of this currency, which I have attached a screenshot at the bottom of the review, shows that some sharp price changes in this currency have taken place so far, and this is the best feature about the price of this currency. In the last 24 hours, this currency has had a trading volume of about $ 6 million, which is excellent with this volume of the market cap. Exchanges that support this currency transactions As I said before, this currency is listed in 10 exchanges, the most famous of which are Hitbtc exchange, Digifinex exchange and Changelly pro exchange. Pairs are often done with fiat currencies or steel coins and a direct pair with BTC is also available. The fact that low-value currencies have no place in these pairs is a good feature that has made it easier for people from different parts of the world to buy. Review the official website of this project The website of this project has regular content and various sections that include wallet, news, developer resources with appropriate explanations and relevant links are available to visitors on the website. Of course, the bottom part of the website (I have put a screenshot of it at the bottom of the review) that introduces partnerships and things like that is crowded, and it would be better to categorize themes because the user is a fugitive from this section. Voir la critique complète

x-protocol logo

The x protocol project is a completely new project, according to the roadmap, from the beginning to the end of the goals of this project, all will be done in 2021. According to this roadmap, currently in Q3, stage 3 is out of 4 stages. The project also has its own token, only 10% of which will be available to the development team and advisors, which is a great thing about this project, as builders will not be able to sell large volumes of tokens and devalue capital. Investors face less risk. The token is not currently listed on coinmarketcap website, so I can not say anything about price and token analysis.Voir la critique complète

bhex wallet logo

The first good feature of this wallet is that it is decentralized. Centralized wallets are able to freeze or seize users' assets. The website design of this wallet is simple and supports three different languages. This wallet is only for mobile and it is not possible to use it without installing the application. The application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and is available from google play store (Android version) and app store (iOS version). This is a good point that can be made from the two main providers. The iOS app is only 22 MB, which is actually a small version of the iOS app and does not take up much space.Voir la critique complète

nxt logo

The NXT project is one of the most important Altcoin projects. Most post-Bitcoin currencies use bitcoin blockchain code in some way, but NXT does not, and the coding is completely proprietary. Another interesting thing about NXT is that its creator, like the creator of Bitcoin, is an unknown person, with only a pseudonym. Of course, I do not think there is a need for this because NXT is not at all similar to Bitcoin in terms of popularity. NXT currently ranks 529 on Coinmarketcap. The algorithm used in the NXT project blockchain is the PoS algorithm, ie Proof of Stake, which are many projects that use this algorithm, and of course it is hybrid (PoS - LPoS). NXT has been in the cryptocurrency market for many years (since 2013) and this is the most important positive feature of this project because it has gained a lot of credibility due to many years of activity. The price of each NXT has not dropped significantly since entering the crypto market and is almost equal to the initial prices of this market, and this is great. In the chart of NXT currency price changes, its price in USD has not fluctuated much, but in the BTC pair it has had a lot of movement so far.Voir la critique complète

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