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Data Breach Notification Software

In the event of a cyberattack, data breach notification software allows organizations to document the breach, transmit the necessary information to relevant and notify the impacted individuals. These tools streamline he data breach notification process to adhere to strict data disclosure law and timelines. To learn more about Data breach notification software, read the reviews in this category.

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SAI Global Risk, Ethics and Compliance empowers customers to focus on developing an effective integrated risk management solution with a combination of software and learning content. Together, with our expertise, organizations can build and foster a strong risk and compliance culture, make more confident decisions with a united view of governance, risk... En savoir plus

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BigID’s data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape. By applying advanced machine learning and... En savoir plus

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Privacy Hub by Wrangu is the Solution for data privacy management. Privacy Hub combines the flexibility to meet your business needs, whilst creating efficiencies to drive your ROI, and delivering transparency to keep the board happy. En savoir plus

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privacyperfect logo
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PrivacyPerfect is an established legal-tech organisation that provides an easy-to-use and secure SaaS solution for GDPR compliance. The PrivacyPerfect solution was developed for Data Protection and Privacy Officers, to simplify data protection tasks, make compliance processes highly efficient, to better business performance, and to contribute to the... En savoir plus

text iq for privacy logo
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Text IQ provides an AI-powered platform that identifies and protects sensitive enterprise data at the world's largest companies and government agencies, allowing unprecedented accuracy for privacy protection, compliance and business insight. Our Text IQ for Privacy solution allows you to achieve data privacy compliance through AI-driven personal... En savoir plus

proveprivacy logo
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The Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) is requirement of most organisations as defined in article 30 of the GDPR. Even if not required by law the ROPA forms the baseline for data protection compliance as it allows an organisation to evidence where personal data is used and identifies data usage risk. En savoir plus

canopy software logo
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When a cyber incident occurs, time is of the essence. Combing through millions of documents to find affected PII/PHI requires a new approach: Canopy. Our purpose-built breach response application reduces the time, cost, risk, and effort associated with the defensible discovery of personally identifiable data. En savoir plus

complycloud logo
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ComplyCloud is a cloud based GDPR platform with a mission to make it easy for companies to comply with the GDPR. En savoir plus

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GDPR compliance roadmap is enabled with theme-based modules. Each module has a knowledge pack with clear actions, organized online workflows for process automation, forms designed by experts for data control. En savoir plus

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PRIVACY PLUS ‚ is our compliance software solution for companies that wish to empower their compliance professionals in gaining more satisfied Regulators, Customers and Employees, En savoir plus

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