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Data Management Platform (DMP) Software

Data management platforms (DMPs) are centralized storages where all of the company’s customer and marketing information is stored. DMPs assist companies in making the best use of the massive amounts of data they accumulate. To learn more about data management platforms, read the reviews in this category.

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0 avis Data Management Platform is a technology platform that helps you take full control of all users' data you collect. The platform is used for collecting, organizing and activating big data sets from various sources - from your databases or from your partners’ sources. Thanks to the DMP you can build any audience segment... En savoir plus

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Web surveys are great for collecting data from literate, computer-savvy, Internet-connected users. For collecting data from the rest of the world, we’ve built SurveyCTO. SurveyCTO is a professionally supported, cloud hosted data collection software that allows you to conduct surveys on mobile devices, even completely offline and off-the-grid, and is... En savoir plus

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BidTheatre is a software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2012, the company builds and provides BidTheatre DSP, a powerful platform for data driven advertising. BidTheatre DSP provides effective marketing towards your target audiences, providing a rich set of targeting options and valuable insights. BidTheatre serves media buyers in... En savoir plus

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CommCare is a mobile data collection platform En savoir plus

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Lotame is the leading provider of data enrichment solutions for global enterprises. Our connected and patented data technologies, curated second- and third-party data exchanges, and high-touch customer service make us the trusted choice for marketers, agencies and media companies that want to build a panoramic view of their customers and activate across... En savoir plus

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The Data Management Platform built for publishers, Permutive Publisher DMP allows you to see, analyze and activate your entire audience in real-time. Permutive uses first-party data giving publishers, for the first time, visibility of their entire audience. Built on Edge computing, Permutive Publisher DMP processes data in real-time so passer-by... En savoir plus

amobee dsp logo
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A cloud platform that enables marketers to make smarter decisions and precisely execute cross-channel campaigns. En savoir plus

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Adform’s Data Management Platform (DMP) helps you coordinate and utilize your buckets of siloed data. With our DMP you can confidently capture, categorize, combine and convert their data for real-time decision making with direct top and bottom line growth through effective digital advertising. Ideal for medium to large enterprises in local or global... En savoir plus

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Digilant provides integrated Data Management Platform and Demand Side Platform to manage global media buys across all channels. En savoir plus

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JetPack Data is a platform which transforms instantly and automatically any data file into analysis. En savoir plus

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