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The EverGreenCoin Foundation Monetized Environmental Work for all levels of participation through a program called Proof Of Environment(PoE), where you document ecological work via before/after pictures or videos and submit them to the website, at the end of the month you earn a portion of the reward pool alongside other participants who contributed their labor to the nurture and progression of their(our) environment. The currency is fast, the wallet makes 7% annually on EverGreenCoin(EGC), they even have two applications for Android: the EGC Wallet and Proof of Environment Toolbox. The Founder is very helpful with all acquisitions involving EGC. I have personally been helped with wallet maintenance. The Founder holds a meeting every Saturday where we brainstorm, talk and develop as a community striving to better the environment. The core members: Steven Saxton and James Magee are very high integral people. They have helped many people over the years. The difficulty of being in the project early on was understanding the nonprofit aspect and how exactly the EGC Foundation Markets. I still don't enjoy the marketing of the EGC Foundation, but I believe EcoWealth, an Authorized Effort with the EverGreenCoin Foundation set to make botany and hydrology a global motivation of work, compensates for that. Fortunately, also, a new website is being built because the current one isn't aesthetic enough either. The Social Media and Website are not that good, but are getting much better. Those who are just reviewing or reading this will be dropping their jaws at the success EGC will achieve in the coming year. Every person who reviews this project is welcomed to actively participate in environmental economics with the EverGreenCoin Foundation. I pick up trash, plant and water as often as I can to earn EverGreenCoin. Proof Your Environment.Vedi recensione completa

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Golden Botanic and Hydrologic Archetype Making Botany, Hydrology and Recycling a Global Motivation of Work with

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