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dogecoin is a beautiful and successful project, but its value has really dropped in recent years. There are many people mining dogecoin. Dogecoin, which is very popular, is known to everyone. Dogecoin, which is low in terms of price, is losing its value, even if many people buy and sell, its price neither rises nor falls, this is a bad place for Dogecoin I have Dogecoin savings in a low price, I keep it in my wallet just in case. The doge, which I use in many exchanges, more or less sees my work. I use dogecoin mostly for transfers, it is a beautiful and successful project. I really congratulate the people who made this project.Vedi recensione completa

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I had read many articles and articles about the Kucoin exchange, and they often wrote positive, good things. Easy trading, they have agreements with some Turkish banks and your money is transferred to your account within 24 hours. There is a small cut, but as I said, there is not a small fee. They make agreements with newly released coin holders and make some small and beautifully profitable airdrops. Thanks to these airdrops, I got to know the KuCoin exchange and registered, the registration phase takes less than 1 day. I thank the kucoin exchange for a good time here.Vedi recensione completa

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I recommend the coinsbit exchange to everyone, it is a really useful wallet, easy to buy, high volume and perfect for storing coins. The coinsbit exchange had issued its own coin, not only had it made a large airdrop, but I signed up with the referral program, now there is no problem, I use it nicely. If you encounter a problem, there are 24/7 support lines and you can easily reach them from Instagram and Twitter accounts. Those who want to make traders can easily use coinsbit. bidet telegram channels available coinsbitVedi recensione completa

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Coinbase Wallet


coinbase is a really nice wallet that everyone loves. I saw a friend of mine, downloaded it and signed up, then he sent a small amount from somewhere and never cut. I recommend a wallet that I love to everyone. If you do buy and sell this app will hardly mess you up, but you can use it in a really handy way to use it once in a while. I am constantly using coinbase for coin exchanges. It is a high volume wallet and has deals with some new coins. Trying to increase the number of users by making new new airdrops is a really good tactic.Vedi recensione completa

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I was trying to get to know virtual currencies at first, and then I heard a coin called etc and I researched it a little bit, I decided it was a really nice coin.After a few buy and sell, I saw that it left me good profits, it has already risen a lot later. ethereum seemed to be challenging btc, but it couldn't even get past btc. Although there are not many users now, etc mining is done, but they say that it leaves little profit. If you want to earn coins, mining or buying and selling is no longer difficult to earn virtual money, but strategy is important, you need to be serious and disciplined. ethereum never loses its value like the silver of this world.Vedi recensione completa

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Binance is a really good app, its high volume, easy trading has achieved rapid growth in a short time, which has left a good result. Thanks to Binance, anyone can buy and sell coins. There are currently millions of users who offer secure trading and respond quickly to withdrawals or deposits. There are 24/7 support lines with fast and easy trading, one of my favorite apps this year is binance. To all my friends who read this article. You did not hear it wrong. you can make an easy purchase. If you encounter a problem, you can write to the support lines and they will return immediately.Vedi recensione completa

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BtcTurk | Pro

Btc türk pro

Btc türk pro, which has a high volume, was using this application to trade at first and I liked it, but after doing a few transactions, some of the coins I sold remained inside, I wrote support without writing to the support line, I knew what to do but did not get an answer. I wrote these in the comments but nobody responded, so now I use more professional, higher volume, reliable applications used by everyone instead of such applications when trading trader. This is better for me, I recommend you too and stay away from btc turk proVedi recensione completa

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