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mexo exchangeロゴ

Mexo exchange is among the good exchanges. I advice the English traders and espanol to rightly use this opportunity to trade here. The exchange trades, future, derivative trading, margin trading, and has even went further to be a platform for lending funds, and when paying back in return seems just to charge you a very affordable fee. The telegram of this exchange was active as of the time I started writing this review. The exchange is very populated on telegram, it has over 4000 members and 363 were active. Their chats are very serious, they discuss on better things and discussion base on their platform. I love this exchange the customer support teams are very responsive. And the exchange is highly liquid.レビュー全文を見る


Ezbtc is a relatively scam exchange. I just checked the exchange on telegram before using it. Because I was interested in the exchange. But I came to realize that the exchange has not been active on telegram and has exactly 19347 members on it telegram. Their last message was in November last year, I don't think this exchange can come back. Through the telegram you can see how populated the exchange, and went off with users funds, how sure are they that the exchange will come back. This was what made me stay away from the exchange. The trading volume has been zero for longtime. Please just stay back and don't deposit here. The exchange is not trusted.レビュー全文を見る


Bcoin.SG was a centralized exchange that trades digital assets in a very customized trading environment. This exchange came into the crypto market in the year 2018. I have think here and there, to know why exchange at the first time in service will be extra good, and a year after or two years after it establishment will begin to misbehave. This is exactly the case of bcoin.SG . presently on telegram I checked and I discovered that the exchange has not been active for over months and has a message from telegram team that if in the next 8 days the exchange does not come online they will be no sign that the exchange uses telegram again. レビュー全文を見る


The liquid and trading volume of tyslin exchange has proofed a point to me that the exchange is not more active. The exchange during it existence has a very nice trading environment which was very easy to use. The exchange has it own mobile app. This was good of the exchange for having an app. I didn't use this exchange o it websites, I decided that, since it has a mobile app, trading will be more faster and easier than via it websites. So I download the app, after the successful instalment of the app on my device, I was unable to register I continuously saw blank spaces, this was how I left the exchange. I felt discouraged also, when I discovered that kyc is a must. The exchange is untracked listed . please stay away.レビュー全文を見る

localcoin dexロゴ

Localcoin dex exchange does not indicate the state of origination and many other information that is supposed to be known as an exchange. This exchange is known to be decentralized though, please dont let it decentralized version get you deceived, it is not durable for trade. We are not even sure if this exchange can still come online. The exchange has too little about it self, the developers, and many information about it existence and the services it offers. I didn't trade here, I only came to discover that the exchange is off now, the trading volume is not impressive, please don't Falk victim, just stay away from a dead exchange.レビュー全文を見る

raisex exchangeロゴ

Raisex exchange was established in the year 2017. This exchange trades above 70 crypto currencies according to the news I heard. T exchange came from Malta, as a decentralized exchange. But their is nothing to write about the trading environment as it is not more accessible. The exchange has minimal information about itself. Since the exchange is off, please don't expect to even see an attractive trading volume or liquid. This exchange is no where to be found again. The exchange kept on reading error message during my trials to login, I believe it servers are disconnected from internet. Please, stay away from this exchange. レビュー全文を見る


Bitmesh is a decentralized exchange which comes from Estonia in the year 2014. This exchange came into existence in the year 2014 and went off in 2020. Though we can say the exchange has tried but it is so very bad and looks suspicious for a such decentralized and an exchange from Estonia to shut down services that way. Though the exchange during it activities was very good, it has a good security system, and also give Fast reaction to users message. Before this exchange went off, it made an announcement that all users should withdraw their funds as it be going off, to avoid saying the exchange went off with it users funds. レビュー全文を見る


Good day everyone, today I will be doing my talking, on bitci exchange. This exchange allows or gives room for OTC trade, spot trading, fiat trading which all are done in a fast and quick manner with no form of hitch or distraction. My registration was carried out in few minutes, it just needed only my phone number or email and password of my choice, after then a verification code was sent to my email, to activate my account. Immediately, I deposited through crypto currency, and in few minutes time it reflected on my account. Then I began trading with the attractive interface. also this exchange has a low fee fixture. Thank you. Try using the exchange.レビュー全文を見る


Coinbig is an advanced exchange. This exchange is very good it has a good trading interface. I was very interested on the interface it has an attractive and impressive designs. The trading fee are also very affordable. Though the method of deposit is not many. The exchange has a good trading volume and liquid. The exchange came into existence in the year 2017. Security measures has never my problem on trading here, my finds are kept very secured and can't be gotten by hackers. I personally recommend this exchange for you, try to use the exchange and see how far you will improve on your trading experience. Thanks for reading..レビュー全文を見る

basic beauty barロゴ

Another beauty company I'm writing on is the basic beauty bar they deal with the production of beauty products that helps in taking Care of your skin by keeping them glowing, more attractive, neat, free from dark spots and all other skin infections. There products like body cream, hair cream, body sprays are of good and high quality they are produced with lesser chemicals and they can be used by any body the old the young, female male anybody at all can use their products. Their products are suitable for any weather or climate condition you can use them and experience no side effect except for those who are just starting and the effects you experience wouldn't be that serious and would last for just a very short period of time. You can place your other for their products despite your location and you would get it without no stress, they support enough payment system. レビュー全文を見る

the online beauty & fashion shopロゴ

The online Beauty & fashion shop. Fashion it self is one of the leading activitiezs in the world today, nobody wants to look disorganized so we all are taking path in the modern fashion Actives. Looking attractive by wearing designers and quality shoes this are all fashion style. And "the the online fashion shop" are adding to the world of fashion by making spectacular dresses, shoes, bag, caps so many list of things are made here. They make their products and deliver them to you, you don't need to go to their store to get them all you need is to hook up with them on their website and select what ever design you want then make payments to them they support some few amounts of payment system, after the payment they send you if the transaction was successful, after which they make the delivery. レビュー全文を見る

ibd beautyロゴ

. Today I decided to check the beauty and health topics in revain and I found a new topic the IBD Beauty, I was so surprised because three t Days before I saw it on revain I received nail polish from them.. So let tell you guys about what really happened while I was using their service and product. You might not really know about this company so I'll start by explaining what its about. IBD store this is one of the coolest beauty stores in the world today do they aren't well known yet. But I can say they are trying their possible best yo give high quality products you know with this more people would patronize with them. Their head quoter might just be far away from you, that's nit a problem because they distribute their goods all over the world, through shipping, or even though land transport systems. They sell mainly beautiful artificial nails at affordable and easy rates. Good discount ms are given here, I experienced this whレビュー全文を見る

glow beauty clinicロゴ

Glow beauty clinic. This is a company that are specialized in in production of products that when you use them they make you look good and also makes your skin healthy. They protect the skin from all kinds of bacteria infection and skin rashes, development of black spots, multi colored skin and so many other unpleasant skin state... Thus was introduce to the market sixteen years ago (2005) and since then they been producing good products with better quality and efficient performance.. And for those who are interested in carrying out surgery artificial, plastic..... This is one of the service the GLOW BEAUTY CLINIC offer. You can get some of their products where ever you are but to get their best service I think you need to meet them physically. レビュー全文を見る


Protoners another furniture shop which really cares for beautifying our homes, offices, hotel and so on. I was very impressed when I entered the website of the company, there many attractive goods like chairs, table, bookshelves, coffee table etc. The environment is very easy for shopping and also I cherish the designs and way of simplicity of the website. This company Also allow for free shipping but limited countries, the return policy also is good and give commission to product bought per timely. Generally they have customizable price even without the commission. Wow I am well impressed on the payment system supported, you can pay via Google pay, apple pay, PayPal and American express etc.i really enjoy using this company service レビュー全文を見る

diora beauty shopロゴ


beauty shop is also one of the cosmetics and beauty store that are still on track. This company was established for the purpose of making 7d more attractive and making our skin glow and keep it in a good health condition. This would have been very cheap here if there was enough market intermediaries that would make deals with them. This company is mainly a skin or body care product but in oder for them to get a better market gain I think they added selling of makeups and some other products which you can also use to maintain the lips,nails, hair etc. If you have been looking a to man over the stretch marks in your face or wrinkles you should come give this product a try. This product can help in changing your appearance completely from worst to better that's if you use it properly. They are really active because they have an updated copyright レビュー全文を見る

house of makeupロゴ

House of makeup..

days I'm peeking interest on on cosmetics and skin care 😊 maybe because of the resent exposure I'm getting to some certain things. Okay another cosmetics company I would be writing on is the house of makeup, as the name it self implies you should already be having ideas of what this company was established for. this company was established in oder to make the world filled with beautiful faces, and to take people sense of fashion and beauty to the next level. Not only that but with so many other reasons This company might be a Indian based company because the last time I bought some products it was shipped from India down to where I stay, and I didn't pay for the transportation they actually paid for that. I was patient with them despite how long it took before I got my goods, though it won't take them much time to deliver products to people near or in India. レビュー全文を見る

leda beautyロゴ


da beauty store is another cosmetics store that also sell their products world wide. They sell mainly skin care products which helps to keep users skin in good state. Their products also helps to keep the skin glowing and more attractive, free from unwanted spots and healthy. Instead OK coursing harm to your skin by using deferent kind of makeup on your face its better you use skin care products like the Leda beauty store.. This products provide a telephone number which you can use to contact them and the provided some social medias where you can hook up with them. I went to get more information about this company on their official website. I couldn't get any I was only seeing adverts of products. They should try to upload information about them selves and their products online in other to make things abut easier for researchers... レビュー全文を見る

tagstone capitalロゴ

TAGStone Family investment business was established in other to help some family gain more funds to survive these days time and this are made in oder to Support the family financially. One of these family investment is this TAGStone capital. TAGStone family investment I well organize making investments here Is cool though every icon is well placed, cool interface and well built website where it has a very cool graphics and themes. This investment is cool for investors who are just starting to invest for the first time. They have a very good business mind because they ensure you are not just making mistakes investing so they involve you with things that would add to your funds. TAGStone family investment offer to their customers private service that's if you don't go easily with public stuffs. I would have love me and my family members to make investment here but I want to wait a little bit. レビュー全文を見る

total extensionsロゴ

I'll be Writing on another cosmetics and hair care company, today we have a large number of people or groups going into the cosmetics business over the globe. The industry gets new products day to day mean while some products have been in the game for a long time, they are getting higher and not slowing down on giving their customers the best quality products, so any new product coming in must have it in mind that they need to be very serious and make sure they give the best that they have. So one of these upcoming cosmetics store is the "Total extensions". They started up their business in Canada some years back selling cosmetics and even teaching the younger ones on how to go through this. one of the coolest part of this cosmetic store is that not only the Canadians enjoy their products,where ever you staying in the world their products can get to you but within some certain time. I can see that they produce high quality products and they are not scammers. If yレビュー全文を見る


Counter_print has been opened for business to make you easily purchased stationery materials for school craft. This company sells different brands of goods just to satisfy children. They sell clothing materials, toys, games, books, cards and so on. I really honor the designer of the website, the designs and arrangement are excellent. Every thing is well sectioned nothing clustered in the website that can cause difficulties for shopping. The effort of the founders is visibly seen, that started as a family owned business but now has grown far and gives quality services. Also the customer service is also very helpful,they approach customers in a well acceptable manner. Thank you. レビュー全文を見る

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