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my first met with trade on the bitexen exchange. In order to participate in the exchange,ı was able to submit identitiy confirmication and finally contact the support team woth my site at the end of a month and get it approved.  heard that there is a local stock exchange in the country i am in and that it is university supported and i participated by taking advantage of the airdrop campaing. The stock exhange's own coin was popular in the local media at that time but it was losted momentum after a while. Only spot traders could be made on the stock exchange. transactions,deposit and withdrawal fees were high. when i realized that there was no option to set a stop limit while i was trading. I was completely off the stock market. support team sometimes didn't respond to the problems. They didn't try to go beyond being a local stock exchange and open up to the global market. With so many shortcomings,ı still have trouble understanding how they can find investors.전체 리뷰보기

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 I joined to the Chiliz Exchancge for buy a fan token. I send usdt over trc-20 because it didn't charge a fee to my wallet and everything was so good here. When ı entered the market and placed an order to buy tokens,my order couldn't be taken in one round du to the lack of volume. I tried buy by placing a market order and my pruchase broght a pumped to the token price. Thi manipulative low of volume suprised me and after a few minutes ı panicked the product ı bought affected by the price movements. I converted token to usdt. I realized that the trc-20 withdrawals were closed while ı was trying to remove my funds from stock market. Erc-20 was the only way ı could send tether. The transaction fees amazed me and the exchange stated that ı could pay extra ıf ı set the frame rate. I had never heard of such a method determining the stock exchange before and frankly it came to me as a fiasco. I waa shocked by the situation. At the end of about 3 days, ı accepted to be affected by the price movements and bought a fan token and transferred that fan token because it was the only method for me not to pay the fee. Frankly, it was the worst stock market experience I've ever experienced.전체 리뷰보기

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Today ı wanna talk about my experıence,usıng bınance for 1 year. It was first bınance ı came across while researching markets before making crypto money investments. It ımmediately caught attentıon that ıt ıs a hıgh volume stock market. Having ınvestors from all over the world made me feel safer cause ı thought binance management might feel extra accountable to its users and the manıpulatıon right mıght be low. After joınıng the stock exchange, ı experienced my transactıons ın spot, margin and futures contracts. I liked the fact that they were fast, reliable and practıcal. I got live and fast support when ı wanted to reach the support team ın the event of a possıble delay in makıng transfers from my balance. I learned that they regularly fund this kınd of extraordınary sıtuatıons. If there ıs a hacker who can cırcumvent securıty systems and investors lose their capital, binance will transfer it back to ıts users with thıs funds. I liked this quıte lot to know that. İt increased my confıdence in the binance exchange. When ı wanted to evaluate my money outsıde of transactıons,binance had mınıng systems that ı would produce cryptocurrency. It connected me to the market and aroused passion. A recent problem made me worried,Binance had a system problem in the face of abnormal volume transactıons and stopped buying and selling transactıons in some contracts. Probably some ınvestors suffered from their open posıtıons. I carefully examined Binance's attıtude durıng thıs crısıs. TWT tokens were gıfted to users who made transactıons durıng the process. Their ıdeas about the stock exchange were returned via mail. I wısh they would of course ımprove theır systems ın order not to experıence such problems but ı stıll lıked theır attıtude towards the problem. I am stıll gladly contıunıng my transactıons on the binance exchange. 전체 리뷰보기

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