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IDCM of the most basic in the Asian part if the world. This exchange trades major coins and other unpopular ones in a well organized and a well labelled trading interface. The exchange is a crypto currency exchange which has a very fast interface that allow for the receiving and the sending of altcoins. The exchange is a well doing exchange, and has received a good general rating star from it users. I hope the exchange build more on some of it services like the customer team for better experience of users. Though nothing is perfect, but this exchange has tried a lot, and the element of trust is assured.전체 리뷰보기

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Coinbase Pro

Coinbase pro is a crypto currency exchange which has many good features. This exchange trades a huge number of crypto currencies coupled with an impressive number of trading pairs. The exchange has gained popularity due to the trust worthy nature. The part on the speed of this exchange is high, you will never have any slow response when trading here, the interface was designed in such a way that can get users attention. The fee the exchange charges also, is very affordable. Please don't think twice before you trade here, no reviews has less than 3 rating star... Check this out. This is to show how trusted the exchange is.전체 리뷰보기

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Kraken right from my registration time was easy and I downloaded the app for usage. I deposited through fiat currency and starting trading with the exchange calmly. The customer support teams are always out for us, in case of any problem, you can easily message them via telegram, gmail etc. The exchange currently has about 227 tracing pairs and a very impressive trading volume, this means the exchange will going to be deeply liquid. I hope this exchange can reduce a bit from it fees it charges, I am kit pleased with the fee rate. Remember the exchange was established in 2011, in the united state of America.전체 리뷰보기

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