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seagate one touch parent 1tb 로고

Seagate One Touch Parent 1TB

A few words about my personal use of the product Seagate One Touch Parent 1TB. The disk is not even a month old, but it stopped working normally, when you enter certain sectors, the disk stops responding and the computer freezes. I highly recommend not buying these devices. When buying, I looked at SMART on Victoria and she wrote that the disk was "almost a corpse", I thought it was an error, maybe in other smart programs it was normal.전체 리뷰보기

razer kraken ultimate usbheadset renewed 로고

Razer Kraken Ultimate USBHeadset Renewed

I took these headphones to replace the old ones in the 4frag store. I will briefly share my impressions: they are really not small, they sit quite comfortably, the build quality and materials are quite good, the sound is decent, the microphone is good. BUT! Everything is spoiled by their software, and specifically the THX service, without which Synapse 3 does not work normally, and at the same time it is this service that turns the sound into a 'chewed record'. At first I thought it was just a marriage because of the regular friezes of the sound track, noise and other things. I took the second one exactly the same and got the same result. As it turned out, the problem is already 3 years old and it was actively discussed on English-language forums. The raiser, however, did not solve the problem of the corrupted service and only unsubscribes as standard. It is not a fact that everyone will have it, but the fact is that this is not an individual problem and has long been known about it. As a result, I handed over both models back, accepted without problems. I don’t want to get myself a headache and hassle with software for SUCH a price, without which the sound quality simply drops, and the necessary options do not work. Well, what kind of disgrace is this, and Reiser ?!전체 리뷰보기

noctua cooling blades bearing nf a4x10 로고

Noctua Cooling Blades Bearing NF A4X10

The name of the ad says "Fan for the Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX case" this cooler is 12V, thats what I needed. What came to me? Just Noctua NF-A4x10! Its on 5V. This is despite the fact that the seller is a 2022n reseller, and I waited for him for a week, despite the fact that I live in central 2022, during this time it was possible to deliver from China if desired. And, well, yes, among other things, THREE anti-vibration legs are included in the kit. This is generally some kind of absurdity for such a premium cooler. And, yes, the cherry on the cake - the return to the market normally works only in Moscow, so now I have an hardly useful cooler with an understaffed set for 1200 wooden ones.전체 리뷰보기

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