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aftershokz open ear wireless conduction headphones 로고

AfterShokz Open Ear Wireless Conduction Headphones

My second headphones from AftherShokz The first ones were Trekz Air. I use both of them with the same phone model, so the comparison is correct. The old ones didn''t break. I just forgot on the plane. Decided to buy a new model. I''m sorry. Best the enemy of the good. Led for a more ergonomic design. As a result, these are guaranteed and I will probably buy Trekz again. Well, they lose in terms of sound transmission.전체 리뷰보기

samsung galaxy buds plus 로고

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Acquired in May. I use with iPhone. First, the sound on the left disappeared, after which a nasty high-frequency sound appeared, the attached sensor works. Three days later, the sound on the right disappeared, the sensor works. Took it to a liaison, under warranty. After examination they refused. Explaining allegedly hit the residents, which and where they did not explain. There is no moisture protection, although ipx2 is indicated. I never dropped it and didn’t wet my dark face.전체 리뷰보기

cool toner compatible cartridge laserjet computer accessories & peripherals 로고

Cool Toner Compatible Cartridge Laserjet Computer Accessories & Peripherals

In my description below I will present my opinion about Cool Toner Compatible Cartridge Laserjet. I haven’t bought original cartridges for a long time, I just don’t see the point in overpaying for loyalty to the brand. Moreover, non-originals do quite well, moreover, it is difficult to notice the differences between originals and copies . I did not notice the difference in the number of pages with the original cartridge during periodic printing. Perhaps it will be more noticeable with mass printing, but since I don’t need it, why overpay.전체 리뷰보기

apple ipad mini 4 computers & tablets 로고

Apple IPad Mini 4 Computers & Tablets

tell me how on this piece . but for such money and for such functionality it is difficult to find another description, compared to android its like a stone age with a future . watch movies, or videos? on what, in terms of the player, my native itunes did not let me start until i didn’t see the card data and agreed to pay money after the trial period, no matter how much i tried . took it to . dogs. everything else is paid (well, who would doubt, such a greedy office, still look) they would have removed for each unlocking of the tablet (need to offer) and what file manager to use? the one that is native, as for me, in terms of functionality, loses to the ussr computer "corvette" 30 years ago. yes, and how to write down any thread on this misunderstanding, the removable disk sees it, but does not allow it to be written? if engineers really work at apple, let them even go out into the street, see that there are already newer technologies in the world, not at the level of the 80-90s of the last century 전체 리뷰보기

sandisk cruzer 32gb flash drive 로고

SanDisk Cruzer 32GB Flash Drive

A flash drive of good quality, everything works, I would not say with a bang, but it’s quite normal, I don’t recommend formatting to NTFS format, it won’t work for a long time, it works great in its format with all devices. For 4 years of working with SanDisk Cruzer, not one failed, but I had a dozen of them from 64GB to 512GB, they all work properly. I recommend to buy!전체 리뷰보기

logitech stream streaming recording included 로고

Logitech Stream Streaming Recording Included

i bought this webcam right after microsoft lifecam studio, the previous one had just a huge number of problems with driver support. with each shooting, they either flew off and the picture hung, or the camera simply did not start by itself, and with each turn on of the webcam, you had to guess "will it start or not?" here, people i know recommended a camera from logitech, c922 pro stream, at that time it had just come out and its price was 2 more expensive. i thought for a long time and now i got it, ill be honest - i cant get enough of it. satisfied as hell. i definitely recommend it to web bloggers and gamers who have their own twitch or youtube channel.전체 리뷰보기

visiontek radeon 7750 gddr5 minidp 로고

VisionTek Radeon 7750 GDDR5 MiniDP

In GTA 5, it feels a little faster than 1050ti. The frequency in the game keeps 1550-1650, if you unscrew the fan by 100%, it will be 50 higher. Thats all the acceleration) I liked the card as a whole, with such a size, the possibilities are surprising, if TDP was unlocked, it would be even cooler. The memory is fast GDDR6, the overclocking of the chip just asks. And so a single-slot card with the performance of the tops of 2012.전체 리뷰보기

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