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Thore Exchange

Thore exchange is a swiss exchange established in November, 2018. It is a centralized exchange. I happened to join in, July of 2020. After my registration, interest was added on my existing balance and deposit in the event that I stored in my thore exchange wallet. Registration is pretty easy, a two-factor authentication and email verification was required to set up an account. The platform is very safe and secured, the security measures employed to ensure the security of my funds and personal data are taken care of by the exchange's in house cyber security team. The exchange's trading incentive is transaction mining. Trading fees on the platform will equate to 0.1% of the value either as maker or taker. Me as a trader i was allowed to trade digital assets (liquidity token). The exchange also has a mobile app, it supports some cryto currencies like THR, ETH, THX, BTC, THEX, TCH. Etc.전체 리뷰보기

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Onederx Exchange

Onederx was registered in tallinn, Estonia, and licensed in the EU. It was founded in October 5, 2018. This platform has an active operating status. This platform was very useful and functional to me, because it is regarded as the world's fastest crypto futures exchange for professional traders. My registration on this platform was not too difficult and seems fast. Being majorly, a bitcoin trader, this exchange made it easier for me to trade bitcoin futures while i was enjoying the lowest latencies on the market, small fees and up to 100x leverages. The platform main trading instrument then, was crypto currency futures contracts, which was far better and convenient to me than ordinary spot contract. As i am concerned, Onederx has the best technologies and financial solutions that are used across the top classic and crypto exchange to create a more superior product. BTC/USD was the most traded crypto pair used in 2019. Onederx provided extremely low fees for transactions and this platform was the only Derivatives exchange I used that offers negative fees for takers. Security in this platform is guaranteed because it use the most advanced safety mechanism, including cold storage and multi-signature wallets protect our funds.전체 리뷰보기

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Flitpay is not one of the but the fastest cryptocurrency exchange i have use to buy and sell bitcoin easily and fastly. Flitpay is a bitcoin market place in india which started in 2017. In 2019, my close friend introduced me to flitpay,that is a bitcoin wallet which enabled him to buy, sell and exchange bitcoins,that he could perform fast peer-to-peer transaction and even make national and international payment without any bank interference. He also speak on the platform guaranty rates with fast and secure transactions. Then I Picked interest on flitpay, when i was creating my account, google shared my name, email address and my profile picture with pinterest,this platform verified my account by linking the account with my PAN CARD and it also generated invoice on my PAN card. Then i started operating on flitpay i observed truly, the good features my friend was talking about. Flitpay was extremely fast, Whenever i am making transactions. The most interesting thing i enjoyed on flitpay was it charges no extra fees for worldwide.전체 리뷰보기

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ProbitEX iProbitEX is a bitcoin related exchange which was established in 2018. It is one of the exchanges I have used which has a simple and interactive user interface. This has made it one of my top choices in choosing a crypto exchange. But the security of my funds is not so good because I once had an issue with hackers who tried to steal my funds. Of course, I reported to the user support team which answered my complaints in no time. This was newly established therefore I would advice investors not to completely trust their funds with this company. Though I do not really have issues with their trustworthiness, I still strongly advice investors to be careful. This exchange allows users to enjoy trading and depositing because of a feature known as quick deposit accompanied with its low trading fees. My registration was quite stressful because it required KYC verification. This KYC verification took a lot of time to be verified. Alongside its few number of markets I have decided to look for a better exchange which is the most perfect for trading BTC. 전체 리뷰보기

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