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moko crossbody shoulder cellphone travel 로고

MoKo Crossbody Shoulder Cellphone Travel


I'm thrilled with this shoulder bag! Yesterday I was able to go shopping without a real wallet for the first time. It keeps all my important cards and cash, my car keys, tissues, etc. securely stored in a full-length zippered compartment. And the external phone case fits great with a magnetic closure and keeps the phone right side up (unlike some phone cases where the phone is upside down when worn). Yes, you have to pick up your phone to use it, but I don't see that as a disadvantage. Can't comment on durability as I've only had them for a few days but for now at least I love them and would recommend them unreservedly! The price is great too!전체 리뷰보기

excellent elite spanker tactical adjustable dogs 로고

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Adjustable Dogs

We received this line yesterday but it has already broken. I think we used it 3 times when my wife brought the boy out and it just fell apart without much effort. I think we should have kept the old one as we don't have a leash now. Yesterday, August 24th, the clasp came loose again without much resistance. It's good that our dog is very well behaved and doesn't run away, but anyone who needs a secure leash to control their dog should look elsewhere. We will request a refund to purchase a new leash elsewhere.전체 리뷰보기

apple macbook retina laptop 2 6ghz 로고

Apple MacBook Retina Laptop 2 6GHz

Great offer!

I expected this laptop to match the information in the description Revain showed with the computer. Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the computer because; 1. The packaging was better than expected; strong and robust in every detail, 2. Revain's product description says don't expect more than 80% battery life. Instead, I got a computer with a 100% active battery potential; 3. Since this is a 2013 computer, I expected to only be able to install an older operating system. Instead, I got a computer on which I could install the current operating system. Overall I got more than I expected. , and I am very happy that I can really call it buying a computer. AMAZING OFFER!전체 리뷰보기

mighty paw dog seat belt 로고

Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt

I am very satisfied with the purchase of this harness for dogs. I bought the shortest size and I'm glad I did. She cannot move there, she has to either sit or lie down. We gotta sit down, don't we? She chews aggressively, but the harness is so short she can't reach it, so I can't confirm how chewable it is, but it looks like she wouldn't be able to chew it if she did. It was quite difficult to put on the seat belt in the car, but doable. I even took it off to switch to the passenger side and was able to do it. It is easy to use with a harness by attaching it to the bottom ring. I was surprised how quiet it is when we drive, much better than when I kept it in a box. The seat belt freed us to just take her to the dog park!전체 리뷰보기

django all weather water repellent raincoat reflective 로고

DJANGO All Weather Water Repellent Raincoat Reflective

My review of Django City Coat, like the company itself, begins with the story of Goldilocks and three sausages (or something like that). The long-haired wee we adopted from the shelter on the day of the discount, despite the fact that the vertebrae cover 125% of his body, seems to have an even stranger shape than the average jaw. After ordering and then refusing at least 10 other dog clothing options, we finally found Django. The Django Urban raincoat is neither too heavy nor too thin, neither too long nor too short. It covers my sweetheart's boobs (what? This is a PG-13 review) and successfully passed the don't pee on her test. Initially we weren't sure about the size, so the owner of Django was kind enough to send us some sizes to help us figure out the best size. Thanks Django. Amazing customer service right here! Whilst Steve hates this coat with every fiber of his being and has tried time and again to force it off his body, as his mother/soul mate I cannot express how much I appreciate a simple winter trip with no salty/wet/dirty chest, that needs to be bathed. (Throw your thoughts out of the gutter, it's about Steve, an innocent and absurdly adorable little dachshund who's wholeheartedly committed to his naturist lifestyle.) If you're still reading this perfectly truthful yet cheeky review, here it is Her conclusion: just buy the dog coat. The product is amazing, the owner is amazing and even if your pup hates it it's perfect and you will make him want to wear it because that's what good parents do. If you don't have teenagers, maybe that gives you an idea of what it's like. And if you believe that, you might also believe that said teenagers will be walking said pup in their fabulous new city cloak, Django.전체 리뷰보기

owlet home dog camera dispenser 로고

Owlet Home Dog Camera Dispenser

I saw a similar product at a friend's, after a little research I decided to use this Owlet Home dog cam for my dog. We love it! It literally took less than 3 minutes to set up. You can dispense a treat via the app or manually by pressing a button, it takes a few seconds for the treat to be dispensed. You can pre-record your voice to replace the default treat sound. That is so cool! My dog is happy! Every time I'm away from home and talking to him about this camera dog, he runs to the camera looking for treats. Another thing I like about this product is that it is very easy to move around the house with you. make the first setting to connect to Wi-Fi. You can put it on the floor or on a shelf or hang it on the wall. I regularly bring this dog camera to different places in my house to view my dog in different ways day and night and he has no problem reconnecting to my wifi at all. A potential downside to this product is that it only works on 2.4GHz WiFi, not 5GHz. But I have two areas so it's not a problem for me. If you have a Revain Alexa device (I have 3), this Owlet Home dog cam works great for throwing a treat at your voice prompts. We love it! You have to ask Alexa to "stop" or she will keep throwing treats at your dog. I've never had a problem taking a screenshot, streaming video, or talking about this product unless I'm taking it to a location with a very poor Wi-Fi signal. Recording image and video stream can be saved on the phone. It's very easy to share with friends and family. We are very happy with this purchase! And most importantly, they offer a 1-year warranty and excellent customer service. It's so nice to have customer support from a real US based company.전체 리뷰보기

universal soundbar mounting system black 로고

Universal Soundbar Mounting System Black

This design is overly complex and extremely difficult to install. I had to cut the bars and drill the bracket to eventually mount it on the wall. They give a lot of extra details and the instructions are useless. It worked in the end, but I'll definitely go with a different brand.전체 리뷰보기

marunda thermal cat mat reversible 로고

MARUNDA Thermal Cat Mat Reversible

This Cat Thermal Mat was the perfect product I was looking for. I used it to warm and comfort an old wildcat who lives in the bushes and hides in a drainage ditch. I made a covered shelter out of a trash can and insulated it to provide shelter during the winter months. To provide extra warmth I used a self-heating Marunda thermostat. I found it was the closest size (22" x 15") I needed to cover most of the shelter floor. The material is soft and comfortable, but what I like most is its ability to reflect the cat's body heat. This is ideal since the shelter is located in downtown Leesburg, Virginia with no electricity. The only modification I made was to cut off the hanging loop. If it was in one of the corners I would have left it there, but it was still sticking out the center of the back exit door. I would highly recommend this self healing mat to anyone looking to warm and comfort their beloved cat.전체 리뷰보기

petshome pattern printing leather adjustable dogs 로고

PetsHome Pattern Printing Leather Adjustable Dogs

I really like this collar. I ordered a small one and it was much larger than the other two collars I ordered which were also small. Another problem I have is that the dangling loop won't stay under the chin because the buckle is too heavy and falls under my cat's chin. I'll try the bell first to see if it stays under the chin, otherwise I'll have to move the harness. I am not returning the collar and will work with it as I find it attractive but will not be ordering another one.전체 리뷰보기

logitech alto express notebook stand 로고

Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand

My laptop is my main computer at home and I play a lot of Guild Wars with my husband. Constantly looking down was causing me severe neck pain, so I wanted a simple stand to hold my laptop screen at eye level. With the Revain discount, it was cheap and most importantly easy. However, after using it for a few months, I've found a few things that could make it a lot better and I'm considering replacing that. to grab. I have a 17" HP laptop and it's quite heavy. If I move the stand a little, or even rest my palms on it while I'm typing, it can slide off the stand. For smaller laptops, this might not be an issue. Between the two Lips isn't enough room for easy access to my off-center latch (to open the laptop).Second, the heat from the laptop seems to be more noticeable.I think maybe grid stand models will help mitigate this..ProsSimple and unobtrusive opticsMinor Weight, good heightConsLips are too low No ventilation for heat It's worth noting that these stands aren't designed for ergonomic typing.The keyboard is angled to allow the screen to be raised - for casual web browsing or gaming Rely on a mouse, provides not a problem. However, if you have to type a lot, you should rather use an external monitor or a consider their docking station instead of tilting his wrists the wrong way.전체 리뷰보기

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