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Paribu is a Turkish stock exchange . And I think the best Turkish stock exchange is using it . I was looking for Turkish exchanges to convert my money into Turkish lira . I tried Binance tr and BTC Turk . But I realized that it requires a lot of kyc knowledge . And it ends my confidence in them. I'm investing my money in the Paribu exchange with doge coin. And as doge coin, I withdraw money, but they took a big transaction fee from me. This may not be the case for every crypto .But about 8% of my money went to the paribu exchange when the Doge made a withdrawal with the coin . It's a big transaction fee . I don't have much of a bad comment about them . They allow me to make quick transactions .My money goes into my account in 5 minutes, and they have a simple interface . It allows me to do my operations easily. Among the exchanges, the exchange with the easiest interface is the paribu exchange .전체 리뷰보기

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I attended the YoBit exchange at the dlrs airdrop event . The main exchange I used later was the YoBit exchange . The YoBit exchange is much more profitable than other exchanges . Because airdrops are constantly being organized. Then there are many methods of making money in this stock market . A few of them . Vmining (mining) and Invest Box .Thanks to these, you can make extra profits on the stock market.I've been on the Yobit stock market for a long time . But I've never had a big problem . This stock market is really different from the others . If any of you want to invest and don't have money, Yobit can make a start thanks to airdrops .For example, you can increase this money on the YoBit exchange .If you leave your money in the investment box with interest, you can have a really big win.전체 리뷰보기

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Trust Wallet

The trusted wallet is the first wallet in real life just like the list. Both the number of users and privileges make it number one. In addition, it also has a very wide range of cryptocurrencies. In this way, it also allows users to choose freely. Yanni Trust Wallet is the best user-friendly wallet. The site I use often because it also has a fast interface. All in all, Trust Wallet is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, and its web account has multiple categories, which is concise and clear, so users will not encounter any problems when choosing this application. According to all its users, it is one of the best platforms. Because it runs with multiple media connected to blockchain technology. The wallet is not controlled by specific virtual currencies because it is based on the exchange of these currencies. It is completely free to download, which makes the platform bigger, and it also has the option of trading in cryptocurrency, such as transactions and mortgages. In addition, the platform has its own token (TWT), which users can purchase to place bets.전체 리뷰보기

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Coinbase Wallet

A very good and professional wallet BUT Coinbase Wallet is actually a very good wallet, but in the free cryptocurrency issuance activity, it did not give me money. This wallet is my most used wallet, but I have stopped using it since then. Wallet's website works well, the interface is simple, and there are no other shortcomings. Moreover, I can process it quickly. So I recommend it to people who want to use it. I just hope that my money will not participate in election campaigns, but I have nothing to say. You can use it to deal with, but don’t try Campyas, I have not been rewarded전체 리뷰보기

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BtcTurk | Pro

First of all, this is a Turkish company that is doing well. So far, the transactions I have completed are the companies with the lowest income. Therefore, the disadvantages are small. He has a very fast and easy-to-understand website, as well as an application. But the lack of sub-cryptocurrency makes me unhappy. And there is no reference system. Nevertheless, it is better and faster than almost all cryptocurrency stores. Always number 1전체 리뷰보기

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