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atolla thunderbolt compatible chromebook microsoft 로고

Atolla Thunderbolt Compatible Chromebook Microsoft

My personal experience of using the product Atolla Thunderbolt Compatible Chromebook Microsoft. I didn’t choose much, I just took the one with more reviews. In general, if it does not burn out at least within a year, then a normal adapter for 1 thousand rubles. There are, however, a couple of nanos. You need to be careful with the location of the "tail" of the adapter with the cable - due to the rigidity, it is more likely to damage the usb type c connector. However, I would recommend adhering to such rules with more expensive models, such careful operation will definitely not be superfluous.전체 리뷰보기

sandisk ultra flash drive sdcz48 064g a46 로고

Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive SDCZ48 064G A46

didnt like anything! she was given to me. i myself would not buy a flash drive from this company. i already had a sad experience with sandisks . this flash drive stupidly switched to read mode. for those who joyfully want to inform that this is a virus, im sorry - no, not a virus. hardware problem. i tried the utilities from the flashboot for my pid and view, but alas, it did not help .전체 리뷰보기

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