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Above all, I think Bitcoin is the currency of the future, or at least the custodian of values. When I started dealing with it, perhaps the most appealing thing was that it was decentralized, so no one’s son or bank could have a say in how it worked. Well, unfortunately, this has been tilted several times since then, there are such a large number of community platform players who are certainly pulling the exchange rate as they please. Regardless, I still sacredly believe that this is the future, and it will change the life of someone who has invested in time. Welcome to the first day of your future. The most important thing about these investments, however, is to only put in money that you may have even lost.전체 리뷰보기

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I really like Binance, but i miss some important (for me) functions, like trailing sell or buy, notifications if youi sell or buy something. I really like the loads of coins to buy, the stakings, launchpads and so on. To be honest, i use some other platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but binance is the best. I dont really like the integrated grid bot, because its only in futures, and there is no grid trading bot in spot trading. I failed to activate my card at a time, but there is support, and they helped me to try it again, now of course it works well :D When I started to trade cryptocurrencies, i used revolut first, after when I see Binance i Tought its really difficult tu understand, bot no, its easy :)전체 리뷰보기

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Hy, Im Joska from Pecs. Im using cryptos since 2020 december.

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