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firmachain offers unique concept of document contracts through their network. They claim that e-contracts is secure through their network, which later can be used as identifier hash and for paying services for dapps or other related services. Stored e-contract data can be accessed through duite. Participant can applying e-contract through duite, then stored into firmadata clickchain, and later segregated and extracted. The results of e-contract is reputation data which can be used for company who using duite전체 리뷰보기

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Ethereum, Or you can say ETH is second largest cryptocurrency in the world. They offer high speed transfer between wallet or exchange, and network transfer fee can be set based your preference. ERC-20, based on ethereum, has well known place to creating projects. It allows developer to build tokens, but the negative aspects, because the easyness and cheap costs to make tokens, scammer out there build scam projects to scamming people with selfdrop or initial coin offering. But you can see, many legit tokens based on ethereum, like OGN, EOS, TRX, VET and etc전체 리뷰보기

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Indodax, as biggest cryptocurrency exchange in indonesia, taking advantage of cryptocurrency trading in indonesia. They are first cryptocurrency exchange in indonesia. Indonesian people prefer to trade here rather than other marketplace. Kyc is required to start trading, and withdrawal takes 1business days. They has indodax voucher, which can used to buy any products in indodax, or you can create voucher and exchange in fiat money without fee. Many people enjoy this, because withdrawal fee in indodax is 25000rupiah ( about 1.5$ ) to withdraw your fiat money전체 리뷰보기

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Kucoin, like binance, doesn't require user to do kyc to start trading and withdrawal. You just deposit your coins & tokens, start trading and getting profit then withdraw. Simple like that. They also has many tokens and coins. They offer instant deposits and withdrawal. They has kucoinplay, formerly partnership with winplay which has (maybe) largest giveaway cryptocurrency site in the world. You dont have crypto coins/tokens? Dont worry. Join kucoinplay and doing simple task and get paid전체 리뷰보기

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Its easy to join and instant withdrawal. Kyc is not required, but i recommend to do kyc because they have alot of giveaway and promotion events, which sometimes require verified (kyc) account. They also lists many legit coins and tokens. And they have native token called BNB (binance coin), which popular among cryptocurrency world. About trading platform, they have fast and realtime exchange platform, so you dont worry about delay. And last, they have education page to help newbies learn cryptocurrency world전체 리뷰보기

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