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sandisk 128gb microsdxc memory adapter 로고

SanDisk 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Adapter

Good my dear friends and readers of my reviews. Thank you for your interest in my reports. I got tired of looking for all the family photos on different media, and I decided to organize everything and collect them in one place. For this purpose, I purchased a memory card with a large volume, or rather 128 GB from the SanDisk trademark. I bought everything not from the Chinese site Aliexpress, but in a large supermarket selling hardware and household appliances, in Mediamarkte. This is what the card looked like in the package. As you can see from the packaging, the declared speed is 160 mb per second. Imagine how she must fly! There is a lot of information on the back of the package, but I did not read it. This is what the card looks like with an adapter (adapter) And it doesn't matter if you buy in a large chain store or from a Chinese site, the card is still made in China. The date of issue of the card is also indicated on the adapter. In my case, it is March 26, 19. But in this form, I already use this card itself. I need an adapter so that I can insert a memory card into a laptop (laptop) and into my digital camera. Well, it's time for testing. First of all, I check the amount of memory. To do this, I insert a card with an adapter into the card reader of my tablet. Yes, as the manufacturer claims, the amount of memory fully meets the certified standard. Further, I have accumulated a lot of folders with photos, and they all fit on my card, and there is still room for the video. I uploaded some video files from this card to YouTube. Everything loads very quickly. I am very satisfied with this card. I would definitely recommend this card from SanDisk. And I give her the highest rating. And that's all. You all profitable shopping and good mood. And we will meet in autumn soon online, on our website. Don't be bored! 전체 리뷰보기

bengoo g9000 controller cancelling headphones 로고

BENGOO G9000 Controller Cancelling Headphones

Bought earphones in December 2017. It's been 2.5 years since then and they're still here. I took for 817 rubles on aliexpress. At that moment, they just needed good headphones with the ability to determine the sources of noise in games with a microphone, and yes, they have successfully coped with this all this time. The sound in them is very worthy for such an amount, they do not wheeze, do not hiss, low frequencies are not ideal, but they are. The ear pads are comfortable, do not get dirty, do not wear out. The headphones are not put on too tight (minus for some, plus for some), i.e. you can hear the music, and if someone calls you from the real world, so to speak, you will hear it too. The headphones are light, you can sit quietly with them even all day, your head does not get tired. The control panel has an analog volume control and a microphone mute button. The wire for all the time of use was damaged most of all next to this remote control. The backlight is very bright, turns on when you connect the USB cable. In total, the headphones have 2 outputs: usb for backlighting and a 3.5 jack that combines a microphone and headphones (if your device has separate inputs for a microphone and headphones, you will have to buy a splitter, the issue price is about 50-100 rubles). The microphone is quite working, not some condenser with phantom power, of course, but it is enough to talk. Another feature is that you can bend the headband as you like (at least twist it), but it won’t break at all =) The headband itself is soft, made of high-quality soft material. During this time it has not worn out, which is very pleasing. 5 jack that combines a microphone and headphones (if your device has separate inputs for a microphone and headphones, you will have to buy a splitter, the issue price is about 50-100 rubles). The microphone is quite working, not some condenser with phantom power, of course, but it is enough to talk. Another feature is that you can bend the headband as you like (at least twist it), but it won’t break at all =) The headband itself is soft, made of high-quality soft material. During this time it has not worn out, which is very pleasing. 5 jack that combines a microphone and headphones (if your device has separate inputs for a microphone and headphones, you will have to buy a splitter, the issue price is about 50-100 rubles). The microphone is quite working, not some condenser with phantom power, of course, but it is enough to talk. Another feature is that you can bend the headband as you like (at least twist it), but it won’t break at all =) The headband itself is soft, made of high-quality soft material. During this time it has not worn out, which is very pleasing. Another feature is that you can bend the headband as you like (at least twist it), but it won’t break at all =) The headband itself is soft, made of high-quality soft material. During this time it has not worn out, which is very pleasing. Another feature is that you can bend the headband as you like (at least twist it), but it won’t break at all =) The headband itself is soft, made of high-quality soft material. During this time it has not worn out, which is very pleasing. In general, I am very pleased with these headphones. None of them lasted for more than six months for such a price, but here is a direct example of quality (he also gave the same ones to a friend, he also has complete order with them all this time). I recommend. 전체 리뷰보기

digital caliper adoric calipers measuring 로고

Digital Caliper Adoric Calipers Measuring

I confess honestly: I had two good, Soviet calipers and even one micrometer. And he simply blew them away, leaving them in an old apartment, where dishonest lodgers made them legs. To be honest, at that period of my life it seemed to me that these things, intended for various technical creativity, would never be useful to me. But it is not in vain that it is said that everything develops in a spiral, life has gone on the next round, and now again there is a need to do a lot with your own hands and engage in all sorts of technical handicrafts. And at the same time without a caliper as without hands. So the acquisition of this electronic device (not to be confused with gadgets!!! :)))) was actually predetermined. The problem arose only in choosing the most suitable tool. There was no doubt that it would be electronic, since it becomes more and more difficult to read small strokes on a manual caliper with age. But which one to choose: all-metal, solid or almost toy plastic? On reflection, I decided that high accuracy is completely useless to me and an obscenely inexpensive "carbon" small caliper sold in many stores on Aliexpress is quite enough. And here it is in my hands. Packed in a simple plastic bag, all black, as ordered. Well, it's time to arrange an interrogation with passion, debunk the myths that roam around him. Myth 1. Carbon or plastic?! Of course, this is a simple ABS plastic, it bends quite easily, which cannot be with carbon. And there is no carbon texture at all. The plastic is of sufficient quality, only the depth gauge pin is very, very flexible, which will bend when measuring deep objects. So it is better to measure such with a more accurate device if an accuracy of more than a millimeter is required. Myth 2. The caliper is made carelessly and due to the unevenness of the jaws it has a huge error. I don’t know, maybe frank slag comes with Aliexpress. But on my copy there are no burrs or any other negligence. No, I’m lying, there is, the ruler is made in the form of a glued film and this film leaves a little bit at the end of the caliper, see photo. True, this film does not affect the accuracy of measurements in any way and performs a purely decorative function. As for the unevenness of the jaws, here is my test: we move the jaws apart by 0 1mm and look at the uniformity of the gap. I think everything is fine. Now we bring the lips together and repeat the test, I didn’t see any gap, everything closes tightly and accurately. And no matter how many times you open and close the caliper, the initial value always shows 0.0. So there are no complaints about the device here. Myth 3. It is impossible to measure hundredths of a millimeter with this caliper. And what did someone promise more? The caliper, in principle, is not capable of indicating hundredths of a millimeter, its error is + -0.2 mm ... This is clearly written on the back side sticker. By the way, mechanical Soviet calipers have exactly the same accuracy and only hundredths of a millimeter can be caught on them by people with a rich imagination. There are also calipers on sale that show hundredths of a millimeter, but to be honest, I can’t imagine how you can measure with such accuracy. The very design of the caliper does not allow you to clearly fix the size, it is no coincidence that the micrometer measuring hundredths has a completely different design, which allows you to clearly fix the measured part. Although, of course, the locking screw in the considered caliper did not interfere, since the slightest careless movement during measurement and the readings go astray. Well, this is another topic, the caliper works out the accuracy of 0.1mm clearly. Myth 4. At the end of the stroke, the measurement error can reach several millimeters. This is complete nonsense, the mechanism itself is designed in such a way that it does not matter where to measure, at the beginning of the stroke or at its end. Here we measure a drill with a diameter of 10 mm, in reality it is 9.9 mm. Now we measure one of the sides of the metal square. We get the value of 131.8 mm. We add the diameter of the drill as a result we have 141.7 mm. We check. As you can see, the caliper is equally accurate both when measuring 10mm and 140 millimeters. By the way, the limit of its measurements is not 150mm as indicated, but a little more, see the photo of the maximum measurement limit. Let's check the accuracy of depth measurement with the same drill. Myth 5. You can use lr44, sr44 and cr2032 batteries for power. I read about it in the product description on the seller's website. While the package was in progress, I wondered how it was possible to combine such different power sources. But everything turned out to be simpler: LR44 and SR44 having the same size and voltage are standard. But cr2032 cannot be stuffed into the battery compartment in any way. And the voltage of this element is twice that of the regular ones. It is possible that some other models of calipers use the CR2032 element, but definitely not in this model. What else can you say about this device? Yes, in general, everything is already clear and understandable to anyone who has dealt with any other caliper. The numbers on the display are large, so now you do not have to strain your eyes looking for matching risks. Three control buttons. Zero updates readings at any carriage position. This is in case you need to measure not the absolute thickness of an object, but the difference in its change. Measure the minimum thickness, press the zero button and look for how much the thickness changes in other places. The on off button naturally turns the device off. After pressing it, the display turns off. But the slightest movement of the carriage, even if you casually put the device on the table, turns it on again. However, this is not scary, because after a few minutes of inactivity it turns itself off. The top button switches the units of measurement from millimeters to inches and vice versa. The corresponding icon lights up on the display. To sum up: the Aliexpress caliper meets all the stated requirements (except for the material of manufacture, but you didn’t seriously think that it was carbon?! :)))). It is convenient to use it, its accuracy for domestic needs is satisfactory. Batteries used are common and inexpensive. The only thing missing is a retaining bolt. In general, I highly recommend, a good unit. 전체 리뷰보기

apple mu8f2am a pencil generation 로고

Apple MU8F2AM A Pencil Generation

I used to draw only on paper and did not hold any stylus before, having received an iPad Pro 12.9 as a gift, in addition to this, there was also a Stylus. Well, what can I say. Feels like a regular pencil in your hand, even looks like a regular pencil The only difference in weight (well, not a significant difference) is that the stylus is a little heavier than a regular pencil, and in the process it is not noticed and you quickly get used to it. Minimalism looks really cool. Those who do not like everyday life and minimalism can easily buy some kind of case; now there are a lot of them on the market with and without ears, only the name and the company icon in the upper part are printed on it The stylus itself works fine, without delay, as it was held or pressed, it immediately reacts. I draw with it in the procreat program and by double-clicking on a flat surface, the mode switches to an elastic band at first, it annoyed me, but then I got used to it and even seems very convenient. The stylus tip itself has the ability to wear off and you have to buy a new tip for it (I use it for 1 month with fanaticism), well, until you see what is being rubbed. The stylus is charged using the tablet, it is magnetized with the flat side to the tablet in certain places, as far as I know all iPads in different places. It holds very tightly even if it is well shaken and remains in place (take my word for it). Charging is enough for me for 2-3 days. There is no other option for charging (without any wires). Not compatible with all tablets, only Apple firms and not all models are suitable. I know exactly what fits the iPad Pro 12.9 2020. I can't say anything bad. 전체 리뷰보기

amazonbasics silicone macaron baking mat 로고

AmazonBasics Silicone Macaron Baking Mat

I bought a reinforced silicone non-stick mat for baking pasta in a tortomast. I took a lesson in an online school and bought it right in advance. During the lesson, I showed the rug to the curator, they immediately told me it was not suitable. But I spent a lot of money, and decided that there was no choice on what to bake, maybe everything will work out. The rug is convenient in that it already has drawn circles on it and it was easy to fill the pasta on it. When the skirt did not rise, the pasta just stuck to it. After cooling, the middle of the pasta in 45% of the cookies remained on the mat. Therefore, you should not lead to the fact that the rug is marked "for pasta" ... It is better to take a regular cheap Teflon mat. The most useless purchase, but I use it for baking buns and pies, here it is just a god! Everything sticks and nothing burns. For pasta, I do not recommend taking.전체 리뷰보기

western digital elements portable external data storage 로고

Western Digital Elements Portable External Data Storage

I had to deal with this model of an external hard drive at work. It was the use of this disc of the brand "Western Digital" that prompted me to purchase a similar one for my own needs. However, when choosing such a device for home, I purchased a slightly different model, with a smaller volume and smaller dimensions. My review of the WD My Passport 1Tb external hard drive Upon purchase, the WD Elements 2Tb external hard drive was in a cardboard box. On the box, I found a rather interesting plate, which listed the main additional options that distinguish the three main models of external hard drives manufactured by Western Digital from each other. From the plate, I learned that the WD Elements 2Tb external hard drive is different from the one what I purchased for personal purposes (WD My Passport 1Tb external hard drive) lacking a backup function and information encoding function. Since these two functions do not play a special role for me, their presence is not a fundamental principle when choosing a model. In addition, as it turned out later, on the disk space of the product there is an installation file for a thirty-day trial version of the program, for backup, including cloud copying using the "Dropbox" resource, the operation of which I also casually mentioned in the review WD My Passport external hard drive 1Tb I did not use this program, the current as this tricky move to lure to the "Dropbox" resource and use the backup program is too obvious. Of course, it is clear that after a month of using this cloud, it will turn out that the "free" period of using the program has passed and the question of your information already accumulated on the resource will be in limbo, and therefore you will have to conclude an agreement with "Dropbox" and use their services already on a paid basis, since the free space that it allocates is negligible, you will also have to install a paid backup program. Having opened the package, I found that the external drive itself, in order to prevent damage, is in a profiled, additional package made of pressed cardboard. The dimensions of the disk itself are basically about the same as those of other modern models. As for the height of the device, in my opinion it is of course too big, and for many other models it is much less. Of course, in a shirt pocket or in the inner pocket of a jacket, such a disc will not be very comfortable to wear, and it weighs a little more than most models that I have encountered before. If you press a little on the top cover (plane) of the disk, then the cover will noticeably bend. It seems to me that this is not a very good sign (the design is not rigid enough). The delivery set also includes a connection cable, about 50 centimeters long. One side of the cable has a USB 2.0 connector On the other side of the USB 3.0 format A paper manual is also available. The remaining characteristics of the disk triple me completely. excellent volume, transfer and recording speed, no noise, and no heating of the device. In general, an excellent disk, "without unnecessary tinsel", designed to store information. 전체 리뷰보기

support breathable neoprene sleeve adjustable 로고

Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve Adjustable

Good day! Today I want to share my experience with the FOSTA Neoprene Ankle Brace. They are prescribed to support the joint after plaster casts, with arthrosis, arthritis, and also for the prevention of sports injuries. They are sold in orthopedic salons, which, I think, are in every city. This is the F 2221 model, it costs about 600 rubles. Available in different sizes. It is advisable to try on before buying. In principle, the first couple of weeks I was very pleased with the use, it fixed enough, it became much easier to walk, it looks quite aesthetically pleasing (compared to the same elastic bandage), the shoes are put on without problems. But then it stretched out and ceased to perform its function. What is, what is not! I thought it would shrink after washing, no! So now it will only go for a compress. A thing for 600r, which was enough for 2 weeks, I will not recommend! 전체 리뷰보기

hydroponics accuracy measurement household drinking kitchen & dining 로고

Hydroponics Accuracy Measurement Household Drinking Kitchen & Dining

Hooray, got around to writing yet another review. This time I will tell you about a more accurate measurement of ph (hydrogen index) using an electronic ph meter. Before that, I already wrote how you can find out the ph of water. Now let's move on to a more accurate device, in which the error is minimal - 0.1. This is what the fixture looks like: Of all that was presented on the market in terms of price and quality, it is the best. Yes, ph devices are expensive, unfortunately (from 2 thousand) and I could not find something better in this range. Of course, there is a device for 1.5 thousand, but there will be no automatic calibration - which already complicates the measurement process. Here is the ph of my tap water: The Wato meter is calibrated by 2 points, it is 6.86 and 4.01. 2 points allow you to calibrate the device more accurately. It works on 2 batteries. The device is sold already calibrated. This is how we find out the ph of draft beer :) I hope you liked my review! 전체 리뷰보기

ph 1 14 extensive storage testing monitoring 로고

PH 1 14 Extensive Storage Testing Monitoring

I am engaged in gardening and floriculture. Different plants need their own Ph. Someone likes alkaline soil, give someone sour, and someone grows only in neutral. For these purposes, I bought litmus strips. I searched for a long time in pharmacies and found these in Medtech The packaging is very convenient, takes up little space. 100 test strips. Here you can experiment not only with the soil. To begin with, I checked the soil TeraVita ph 5, you can add a little deoxidizer. For comparison, I checked the deoxidizer itself next to it, it has a ph of 7.5 Then I checked teas, sugar and honey As you can see, different tea leaves and coffee ph vary slightly. There are a lot of test strips in the package that you can continue to check for ph, for example, how our ph changes from one food or another. 전체 리뷰보기

aqara rtcgq11lm motion sensor white 로고

Aqara RTCGQ11LM Motion Sensor White

Recently I came across a review-advertisement of a new motion sensor Mi Human (Motion) Sensor 2. Without thinking twice, I went to Ali and bought it there ... Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor, the same, but it connects to the smart home system not via WiFi but via Zigbee, in theory, much less power consumption. I took two pieces, one inside the house, so that I could sleep more calmly, the second outside, right in front of the door at the threshold, so that the bell would ring in the house and the light would light up when the cat came to the door (there is no cat door). Included is a plastic leg with a hinge with an adhesive layer on both sides, and a spare Velcro circle, on the bottom of the sensor "barrel" there is a rubber ring for stability The sensors are designed to work with Xiaomi Gateway, but in order not to send unnecessary information to our Chinese brothers, and not to use a crooked Chinese application, you can build your system based on Home Assistant and zigbee2mqtt. Just such a system I have assembled, everything connected without problems - we allow the connection of zigbee devices in the system, hold the only button on the sensor for 3 seconds - the sensor blinks a blue LED and appears in the list of devices, then we do whatever we want with it. The LED does NOT blink when motion is detected, only when a button is pressed. A person is determined somewhere from three meters, and even if only part of the body is in the visibility zone, but difficulties arose with the cat. The sensor is infrared, and a small fluffy cat in the cold can only be detected from a close distance (less than 1 meter), I had to place the sensor closer to the place where it usually sits and waits until you open the door. The viewing angle in practice is about 140 (declared 170). the battery is already in place, both sensors show 100% charge after connection. Despite the communication level "0 lqi", the sensor still works stably. Both sensors are separated from the hub by a wall of aerated concrete, at a distance of about 10 meters, one is practically on the floor, the second is at chest level. triggers immediately, but not more than once a minute, which means that after detecting movement, the sensor will show for a minute that there is movement, even if the movement was only a second. "from -10C" - we also have -30, let's see how this affects its operation and durability, but in theory only the battery can get worse. 전체 리뷰보기

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