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The available assets at OKEX are BTC, ETH and LTC. They are being traded against the USD and CNY. That being said, BTC and LTC futures contracts are also available on this exchange. See full review

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New v2 dev tools + docs 1st security audit completed Launched 0x Portal Updated widget designs Meetups in HK + Seoul New team members See full review

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The BitShares Referral Program is designed to promote infrastructure development. Decentralized financial networks depend upon their business partners to build an ecosystem of businesses, such as exchanges, merchant services, hosted wallets, lightweight wallets, and block explorers. With the BitShares referral program, merchants can now earn more by advertising their support for the BitShares platform. While other platforms primarily promise lower fees, BitShares offers merchants an ongoing revenue stream. Free market competition results in many different hosted wallet providers competing to acquire new users. Each of these providers has a financial incentive to advertise their wallets by traditional means, which in turn increases the network effect for the BitShares ecosystem. See full review

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The Qtum Project is proudly backed by some of the most notable blockchain players, traditional venture capitalists and executives from some of China's largest technology companies. See full review

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Like other decentralized electronic money, Decred uses encryption to secure transactions on his network and also to control the creation of new coins into the system. It has a public ledger in which all transactions are recorded. See full review

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While other virtual currencies have fallen sharply on each block, the Bytecoin release is slowing, to protect the currency from economic shocks. See full review

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