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Lightning Bitcoin

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) refers to advanced cash that allows for exchange approvals and, accordingly, generates LBTC monetary standards, which can be obtained from concentrators. This LBTC has a simple interface configuration block explorer for searching for cash, old exchanges and sites. The LBTC wallet-powered wallet is higher in the workplace and mobile phones, retains its similarity, plus it has a full wallet that works very well on Linux and hardware. Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC), which is stable and has great progress on the exchanges, has low commissions to send coins, and also holds a large place among 19 non-governmental organizations, despite the latest distributions of 2018 NGO records. Large market capitalization and exchange complexes such as Bitcoin (LBTC), LBTC / USDT, LBTC / ETH, LBTC / BTC and LBTC / QC are available.전체 리뷰보기

cache gold 로고


CACHE Gold is safe

Heavy gold (CGT) depends on a company that joins blockchain innovations with the realization of real gold, for which CACHE Gold has created a computerized source supported by the gold count, which has been sanctioned and kept under control, and then allowed this large CGT to grow. and be a symbol of versatility. Heavy gold (CGT) allows for safe trading for real gold and has a well-functioning and reliable transport framework that performs the gold properly by the customer, ensuring a good environment and pilgrimage. good writing of real gold bundles and necessary information. Heavy gold (CGT) is a protected way for real gold to become a leading cashier, as it allows gold to remain valued in the market for uninterrupted quality, security, efficiency and decentralized money in decentralized business sectors. to maintain gold-supported computerized cash standards in various portable wallet programs.전체 리뷰보기

perth mint gold token 로고

Perth Mint Gold Token

Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) is an organization that makes notes with real gold and supports GoldPass's endorsements with real gold. The Perth Mint Gold Token is designed to be a staple of the Ethereum exhibition with the help of various wallets related to the ERC-20 logo, designed to meet the benefits of this exchange or create a real gold-based store. supports various decentralized exchanges, trades well, and also takes into account reasonable assumptions and developments. The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT), which ensures the safe sale of real gold at current market costs, allows customers to obtain a real quality level in their home, such as checking the benefits of the air. The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) account, as it does not pay net costs, which is of great interest to customers in terms of annual costs for organic structure, power and care.전체 리뷰보기

zelwin 로고


Zelwin (ZLW) is associated with a large number of online stores that can be purchased online to sign contracts for dealers and organizations and meet all the requirements for benefits within Zelwin's biological system. shop. The online store was created with the implementation of a new era of blockchain innovation at its core, so that customers and dealers can buy or sell their products with Fiat money standards, but use additional cryptocurrencies. Zelwin (ZLW) is a local symbol of the foundation of the store, as it is a computerized source that allows you to buy things without any hassle, make a profit, create by buying, and even work in decentralized shopping. in several popular trades. Zelwin (ZLW) is involved in blockchain innovation and e-commerce with advanced trading, and it also provides simplicity and restraint in purchasing items, and is a computerized source that can be traded with Fiat currencies within the Zelwin series through implementation. Mastercards are a solid step-up, great security and easy access to these lines.1전체 리뷰보기

jupiter 로고


Upupiter (JUP), designed to embrace blockchain innovation, works with a variety of administrations from this environment, has a variety of elements, such as an encryption framework that saves password protection and security, as well as web extensions, as an endorsement of this feature. and encourages the development of decentralized programs and the exchange of computerized resources such as NFT. Upupiter, a business that develops the biological system, therefore has a localized computerized source of the JUP token, which is a token to work on the stage, is an environmental symbol, and allows you to work on different cryptocurrencies. Trade, its blocking news is used to send and send messages, similarly (JUP), coordinates PoS algorithmic developments, enabling the organization to generate automated revenue for its customers. Upupiter (JUP) has an exchange office because it works in two separate blocks, as well as offers venture organization administrations, has its own web wallet, and JUP is supported on the Ethereum and Multiple Network wallets.전체 리뷰보기

flowchain 로고


About Flowchain

Flowchain (FLC) is created to provide a variety of test-assisted forms, with built-in disruptive accounting innovations, IoT, man-made mind, blocking, and notes that allow for an effective biological control system. adapted, high organizational security and power, fast data exchange and regular, therefore, a wide range of virtualization administrations, ideal exchange of advanced sources, lawfulness and excellent performance of equipment. Flowchain (FLC) is being replenished as a decentralized account within the biological system as a source of algorithmic progress that allows customers to make investments as it develops as a local token that allows the scene to function properly. Choose individual awards within the organization and contribute to the safety and health of the organization, as well as enhance tokenization on hardware devices, become a mining professional, and work in key trades for easy exchange. The entire Flowchain biological system, IoT devices for devices, hardware devices and decentralized commerce, Blockchain development is expected and developed for better working with the proposed administrations and better meeting.전체 리뷰보기

largo coin 로고

Largo Coin

Largo Coin (LRG) is an opportunity developed by Masternodes, which builds its own wallet and token tool, allowing PoS algorithmic development and integration to work quickly, reliably, consistently, and well. allowing the association's neighboring interests to pay extra. Largo Coin (LRG), the union's neighboring brand, is being traded on a number of currency exchanges as it maintains stability and is a decentralized source, a currency that fills as a convenient point for theory. , security and fast trading. The wallet program aims to be convenient with a variety of devices, and although it offers an extra hard wallet, it can also buy organizations, private organizations, and customer support for clients offered by the company. Largo Coin (LRG) has created a well-functioning natural framework for streamlining the use of the wallet, blocking the explorer, and providing close assistance around.전체 리뷰보기

moin 로고


The MOIN is related to the work of an imaginary organization that was launched about 4 years ago, with great exchanges, expansion in its plans and raising the level of ROI, as well as the current low turnover and capitalization. A MOIN is a coin that offers excellent news to confirm the share and business evidence that can be rewarded in MOIN coins and even productive and orderly. In addition, this MOIN token includes, in fact, a dynamic exchange in which the MOIN / BTC pair is exchanged from the Livecoin phase. The MOIN project has similarities to the Square Passenger, the MOIN Cash, the informal communities in the MoinMovement series where customers participate, with fantastic blocking, great mastery of exchanges, and fast-paced opportunities and fast-paced venues. In enterprises to take advantage of MOIN funds.전체 리뷰보기

ceek vr 로고



CEEK VR (CEEK) is responsible for providing administrations with enhanced experience and blocking innovations, resulting in better access to a unique world, access to expert performances, sports, virtual city and live broadcasts. CEEK VR has a biological system of good turnaround, coordinates progress on the basis, has a working note-taking, augmented reality news, cryptographic note-taking, parts with computerized monetary standards and voting equipment. You can also create a very similar application for the environment on different cell phones, allowing easy access to computer-generated truth administrations, supporting local marking in the program, having an imaginary interface, simple to learn options, and allowing voters to vote. In addition, the local number, which ensures that parts of the environment are secured, rewarded, and securely exchanged, is compatible with CEEK VR (CEEK), as well as a well-deserved exchange symbol from well-known decentralized exchanges, this fast exchange -The symbol of change, useful for the biological system and the opportunity to have the CEEK VR (CEEK) symbol, to participate in the democratic process, to compensate and to participate in society.전체 리뷰보기

crea 로고


About CREA

(CREA), which focuses on decentralized innovation, is designed to deliver substance, reward and improve Dapps. In addition (CREA), it offers excellent administration with a very reliable and stable square chain, plus there is a foundation for this work Creary, where the material is made and the creators can register the copyright, even at this stage. pays. To create and distribute content with customer notes. In addition, CREA is a symbol created by this imaginary activity that allows it to be used in computerized money exchange phases, and it is possible to obtain CREA coins with advanced money types BTC and USDT. (CREA) This note ends with + 2.68% ROI and good cash flow with practically stable metrics, as well as working securely on media platforms and can be copied very well without exchange costs.전체 리뷰보기

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