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My review on Alpin Sports, a must read!!!

My Review on Alpin Sport® , Outdoor activities has its own way of affecting human life positively, no wonder a lot of people actually go into activities. This includes, cycling, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, even skiing, these are all activities that young and old people have come to love. Apart from loving these sport and outdoor activities, you also need a place where you can get your quality and best outdoor sporting accessories and equipment. Today, I'll be introducing you to Alpin Sports Store. Alpin S Alpin Store Well, from my little introduction above, you should know that Alpin Sports Store is an online as well a physical warehouse where you can shop basically any equipment which are used in the outdoors. It has undoubtedly created a positive impact on its old and even new users. Alpin Sports Store, Quick History: Alpin Sports Store is a outdoor equipment shopping store which was founded in 1990, it was founded in Slovenia. Though it has been around for more than a year, I still can't mention who the founder is because the information wasn't provided on the website. Why located in Slovenia? Slovenia is recognized for its mountains, ski resorts, and lakes, and is located in Central Europe. For a country filled with lakes, mountains and other natural land forms, it was quite a wise decision by the founders to launch the company in Slovenia. But I must actually commend the founder, he/she really did a great job coming up with a supply store where it was needed. My time on Alpin Sport: I hadn't heard of Alpin Sports before, so I was keen and interested in trying out the company. Even if I wasn't able to shop there, at least I gained my own experience. Well, the website comes with a satisfactory web design and allows for easy navigation, however I wasn't able to go past the the homepage. The company didn't do a great job in that aspect. The customer support is there but isn't all that reliable, it might take hours to get a reliable support from the support team. Overall, I didn't really enjoy my time here, I wasn't interested in the products here because it seemed to be focused on people around Central Europe or within Slovenia itself. What are people saying about the company? While I had my own personal encounter (I wasn't pleased), alot of people actually seemed to be satisfied by the company's services. But since I had my own experience with them, I wouldn't really agree with most of them. Generally, alot of people are happy with the nature of the services provided by Alpin Sports Store. My Suggestion: Honestly, there's no company without challenges but my main issues of focus which I'll like this company to consider are: ✓ Working on the interface provided as this is what attracts customers in the first place. ✓ Increasing customer support, so that users would get reliable and timely response from the customer support team. ✓ Trying to build a better reputation online It's quite surprising that this company only has about 180-190 likes on Facebook. It shows that the company isn't well known and as such it has a relatively low net revenue. Extra Services by Alpin Sports Store: Apart from shopping online, you can also rent a kayak, bicycle and other outdoor related accessories. Should you try out this company: Well, for me, I give this company a moderate rating and as well I'll advise you to patronize them especially if you're from Slovenia.전체 리뷰보기

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Corple Corral

Using Corple Corral® to get your quality golf carts

My Review on Corple Corral A golf cart, basically is a miniature vehicle that is meant to transport two golfers and their clubs around a golf course or along sandy paths with less difficulty than walking. Getting a quality golf carts is another important aspect when it comes to golfing. Getting to know the reliable Golf Carts Dealer and Vendor: I wasn't really familiar with golf carts or makers of golf carts as I was just interested in basically playing golfs and getting points for it. Getting to know about Corple Corral ® was actually a good thing for me because I was going to finally get a legit and reliable golf carts vendor. What does Corple Corral Mean essentially? Corple Corral is an organization or an e-commerce company that deals with the selling and distribution of golf carts at a very affordable and even a low price. The company allows for in-store shopping, in-store pickup as well as deliveries. Located in Texas, United States of America, Corple Corral aims to provide quality golf carts which can be used in the golf course. It is a family owned company as well as a family run business which has been delivering top quality golf carts all over United States of America. What are people saying about Corple Corral ®? Before penning down my review, I had made an extensive research about the company in order to be sure whether to recommend it or not. Well, alot of the users according to the reviews summed up by Google claimed to be satisfied by the quality of the products and services provided by this company. I really expected this kind of services from them, since they had been operating since 1999 which has given them more than 20 years of trading experience and as well as customer interaction. What will you expect when you first come across the website? Well, I am very certain that you're going to love the interface and the layout of the website provided by this company, the design and the interface actually allowed for easier navigation. I was able to see everything clearly due the adequate spacing and others. What's wrong here? Of course, I don't expect this company to provide the top best quality as it is expected to have its own flaws. Well, not enough people know about the company as it has gathered very low social media presence on Internet, hence low popularity. The company as well doesn't seem to have a very high net revenue. The company also provided very little information about itself. Its total workforce is not known like the number of staff etc. My little advise and suggestion for this company: Well, from my remarks above there are very little things one should worry about while on this platform, however, I'll so much like if the company can support international shipping as it doesn't seem to do so at the moment but I guess and hope that things will change over time. Also, Facebook as the only means of social engagement isn't very welcoming, there are other platforms the company could provide like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc. At least that would boost the social media presence and as such increase its net sales as well as net revenue. 전체 리뷰보기

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Pro Sports Kuwait

All fitness facilities and workout equipment which you are looking for can be found in Pro Sports Kuwait. Pro Sports Kuwait is an online retailer of different facilities used in the gym and even sporting facilities and supplies like those used in Badminton, Darts , Cricket, Table Tennis etc. In summary, this is your all round, one-stop shopping centre for every sporting equipments you're looking for. If you were to list all equipments and accessories found heee, we might definitely exhaust a whole page because Pro Sports Kuwait has everything ♥️. Founded in 2009, Pro Sports Kuwait aims to provide top quality equipments to its customers in Kuwait and other countries within the GCC. Here you're very likely to come across brands like Bosu®, Yonex®, Grizzly®, Molten®, Promixx®, Theragun®, TRX®. Well, it's only Molten® out of all these brands that I've come across and used personally. For now payments are only possible with Visa and MasterCard, well deliveries are only made within Kuwait and other GCC countries. This happened to be the only setback by the company as it is another high income company.전체 리뷰보기

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Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Greg Chapell Cricket Centre is an online store where you can buy and shop for quality cricket accessories like cricket bats, cricket balls, gloves, helmets, jerseys, shoes, and other protective gears like knee pads, chest guards etc. They also claim to provide a variety of after-sales additional services and repairs to keep your cricket gear looking and performing at its best, in addition to supplying the greatest cricket gear for cricketers of all ages and experience. Greg Chapell Cricket Centre which started in 1973 has grown to be the largest online retailer of Cricket related supplies within Australia and globally. I can't argue that, because the Australia is actually one country that loves Cricket just like how England loves Soccer. I'm actually expecting top notch services here because the founder, Greg Chapell was actually a former cricketer who played for Queensland and Australia. The company is actually a very successful company with a very high net revenue. It allows for pickup and delivery either within Australia or internationally. You can make payments with Credit Cards like MasterCard and Visa. If you're a cricket lover, fan, supporter, coach, you should definitely come here and get your cricket accessories.전체 리뷰보기

east west fitness 로고

East West Fitness

This is a company focused on providing the top quality gym facilities for commercial gyms or for private use. Today I'll be looking at East West Fitness. East West Fitness is a Thailand online shop where you can get various facilities used the gym like barbells, plates, racks, kettlebells, balls, bench, rigs,all at good prices. The supplies and facilities here have been tested and have passed quality tests, so you're sure that you're getting nothing other than quality on East West Fitness®. Well, I was unfortunately unable to purchase anything here because it seemed like the services of the company was limited to only residents of Thailand. If you're successfully able to shop here, you can make payments with Visa or MasterCard and Bank Transfer. My little time here has shown me how wonderful this platform is, the only setback I encountered was the inability to ship to other countries.전체 리뷰보기

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Pickleball Central

Prior to the time of writing this review, I never knew of any sport called pickleball. It was not until yesterday that I came across it on Revain, and I was curious to know more about the platform, but first I had to know what pickleball was all about. With that being known I proceeded to the company's website to explore and shop if possible. Pickleball Central is essentially a company which was specialized in the supply and distribution of pickleball accessories like the paddles, balls, goal posts, even clothings worn by men and women. It is a family run company located in Kent, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. Since 2006 when this company was founded, it has grown to be the world's largest online retail store for pickleball accessories and equipments. The website is protected by SSL encryption to allow for secure payments, which means no third party has access to your information like your card details. The company delivers internationally and within the US, it also makes use of two primary couriers; UPS and USPS. Getting to know about Pickleball was good but shopping here was better.전체 리뷰보기

league world 로고

League World

League World™ is actually an Indonesian footwear company, it first entered the Indonesian footwear market in 2004 and soon established itself as a premium brand known for producing high-quality footwear, gear, and accessories like bags, shoes, caps etc for men and women, athletes, and active lifestyle lovers. There are different kinds of shoes for different purposeLeague s like running, basketball and others. They have over 20 years of expertise in design, production, and retail and marketing in general. The platform comes with a very impressive and well designed user interface allowing for fast and easy navigation across the website. I had to register before being able to shop here, unlike other online stores that allowed me to checkout as a guest, this was one thing I didn't like. The platform seems to ship within Indonesia for now, although therr are plans to expand its business and ship to other countries of the world. Debit / credit cards: Visa and Master Card and Bank Transfer to account number are the available forms of payments.전체 리뷰보기

go easy 로고

Go Easy

This is an Australian based store, Go Easy is an online retail store and supplier of wheeled accessories, by this, I mean that the platform focuses on providing scooters, dirt bikes, quad bikes and other cycling accessories. I was pushed to discover more about what the Platform could offer because it had a very high trust score on Trust Pilot. I was glad I actually discovered this platform. Well, Go Easy is actually a family owned company which was founded in 1998 and has currently more than 6,000 products in stocks. Just like anyother retail store, Go Easy started out as a physical store(warehouse) before moving online in 2005. Not a 24/7 customer support but hey, it is a very reliable support offered by the team, six days a week. Every Mechanical item is prone to being broken or spoilt, this has been taken care of by Go Easy as the company provides inhouse services and repair for broken equipments like bikes or scooters. As an customer you can make payments with Humm®, this allows you to pay in instalments and easily. Unfortunately, shipping is only possible within Australia.전체 리뷰보기

racquetball warehouse 로고

Racquetball Warehouse

You can guess from the name that this company was specialized in the production and distribution of racquetball accessories and other equipments used for playing racquetball like gloves, shoes, grips, training apparels, racquetballs and clothes. The website comes best and suit a desktop device rather than a mobile device this wasn't convenient but I had to just adapt for the sake of exploration. Just like you'll imagine, there's various brands which can be found here, they include Adidas®, Asics®, New Balance®, Nike®, Black Knight®, Wilson™, Ektelon® and so many other brands. With these being known, you are sure of the kind of quality you'll get when it comes to racquetball accessories and supplies. For every product you decide to buy, there's a nice and detailed description about it, in order for you to make great choices when it comes to your desired products. Well, just like every other online store, Racquetball Warehouse allows you to make payments easily and conveniently with Credit cards, for those who want to pay in instalments, you can do this with AfterPay ®. Currently international shipping and deliveries are supported but the services are not extended to my region for now.전체 리뷰보기

grain surfboards 로고

Grain Surfboards

Grain Surfboards is an American manufacturer that makes hollow timber surfboards and is situated in York, Maine. The surfboards are mostly built of northern white cedar, with a little western red cedar thrown in for good measure. Grain makes bespoke boards, sells kits, and holds courses for surfers who want to construct their own boards. Grain has gained over 50,000 Instagram followers, 12,000 Facebook fans, and over 7,000 email subscribers as of 2018, hence it has a very good and impressive social media presence. The website and social media presence of Grain have been celebrated for being able to attract much users amd customers. 3D CAD animation software is used to create new designs. Discovering this platform was nice for me but I wasn't into skateboarding but I actually liked the fact that the company uses nature's provided materials to satisfy its customers. By providing efficient customer to its users, this is a one-stop shop for your quality boards- skateboards or surfboards. It's a nice place to shop.전체 리뷰보기

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