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screens universal capacitive cellphones replacement 로고

Screens Universal Capacitive Cellphones Replacement

Positives They appear to be made of the highest quality materials (the metal screws on the lids fit the metal threads perfectly). no deformations and displacements; looks great and feels good. First I liked this tool: metal so it has weight and I think the durability of the shaft. It's amazing that it comes with interchangeable heads. Has a different type of heads on each end - 1. a mesh "cushion" tip and 2. a transparent disk so I can see exactly where I'm in contact with the screen. Heads can be screwed on and off for easy replacement; There is a metal screw cap that fits over the end of the disc when transporting, but also screws onto the other end to avoid losing it. There is an easy-grip silicon(?) finger grip to use the end of the disc. It's all good, isn't it? Negatives I bought this for the hard drive head because I use a couple of apps that have small icons on the edge of the screen and I had a hard time tapping them with my fingertip. Unfortunately, the drive is flat and hard, but the edge of the phone's screen is curved, so tapping an icon often requires multiple swipes. Disappointing and frustrating at times, but better than nothing. If that were all I would rate it 4 stars though. . .Yesterday I stopped using the toilet and when I came back the black screen was visibly COVERED with scratches in the bright PM light. This isn't carelessness or mishandling (throw in a bag and shove all day): scratches are 90% straight lines up and down as I scroll through long lists. The scratches are so deep I can feel my finger sliding from side to side. I used a mesh tip because the disc head is attached with a thin "silicone" (?) stick, similar to the lead of a mechanical pencil, and I was scared because it isn't durable. But the Mesh Head seems to damage my screen with every hit. I'm only going to use the disk head forward, so half the value is gone, not to mention the damage already done; therefore 2 STARS overall.전체 리뷰보기

trainer pa 로고

Trainer PA

The app allows my clients to interact directly from their phones so that I am never without them! This has made life easier for both parties as we are always in contact via text or voice call instead of having phone calls every time they need me!! There really isn't anything negative about it at this point but if there were then what? It's been great though because now our sessions can be scheduled right off your calendar when you get home after work rather than needing an appointment first which makes things much smoother during busy times (especially summer).전체 리뷰보기

envisionable 로고


The best part about enVision is that it really helps you to set goals, track them regularly & then share your progress with others as well! It's very easy-to use tool which can be used by anyone who wants an effective way of tracking their own performance in terms of achieving personal or professional targets/goals!! Nothing much - just try this out if u r looking at ways of keeping tabs on urself (or other people) while they're working towards some target(s). We were trying something new when we started using ENVISION but I'm happy so far because what i like most are its various features such as creating tasks /targets etc., sharing those items easily among team members & many more things too.전체 리뷰보기

grizzly 359003 salmon oil 16oz 로고

Grizzly 359003 Salmon Oil 16Oz

My dog has many symptoms that cannot be explained by a disease. He was being fed cheap food (because he loved it so much) before I got in the frame. I figured a healthier diet would solve some of his problems. So far, the high quality dog foods I've tried over the past three years haven't yielded much results. Some of its symptoms included hair loss, dandruff, gray skin, extremely coarse, dull hair, and weight loss. I bought this product thinking that if it doesn't help it can't hurt and at least give him a few more calories. His fur has become much softer and his skin is a nice healthy pink color that hardly flakes. Not entirely sure if all of the improvements are due to this product as we have also given him other foods like kefir, pumpkin, eggs, glucosamine and a calorie supplement. But that might not be the only reason for its improvement, but it seems to be an important piece of the puzzle. He gets two meals. And while he doesn't love him, he doesn't hate him either. It doesn't seem to matter in terms of taste. While I would love to see him go crazy over the taste, I don't mind because he eats the food as usual. tremors, tummy tummy, muscle weakness, phlegm, joint discomfort, lethargy, occasional diarrhea, etc.). They seem about the same. But I am glad that his skin and coat problems have resolved. And I hope that as he gets healthier, his other symptoms will start to improve. It's very easy to use. Just keep it in the fridge and spray the dose on your food. That's all. Light pea-lemon juice. It has very little odor and is a good clean pump that doesn't drip or make mess.전체 리뷰보기

soyon adjustable temperature gallon 100 submersible 로고

Soyon Adjustable Temperature Gallon 100 Submersible

Looks like a quality heater but after reading some of the reviews I'm reluctant. I will test it in a test tank first to make sure there are no issues like overheating, overheating or melting. At the moment my main concern is that the brand received does not match the brand advertised and the instructions were confusing and took a little time to understand. [UPDATE] Tested and working fine, no issues. Keeps up the pace very well and ups the stars to 4 as the instructions are vague for a beginner. [UPDATE 2] Heating failed after purchase in February, now June. crash at work. Boy I just lost about $100 on shrimp. I will not buy again.전체 리뷰보기

essl 로고


The software is easy to install in any OS and it also has a very friendly user interface. It's very easy to use for everyone. As I said before, the software is simple enough even for people with no technical knowledge of computers. They have many different models available, and you can choose which model fits your needs best. I like that they offer many options so that you can find the right one for your business. If you are looking for an easy-to-use ssl software, this one is perfect. We have been using this software to secure our web applications, which makes sure that only authorized users can access them. 전체 리뷰보기

moyun dog backpack harness pockets 로고

MOYUN Dog Backpack Harness Pockets

This allowed me to fully humanize my puppy dog. I don't understand that at all (44 years old, unmarried woman with no children). I don't believe in labels.전체 리뷰보기

lucky herp fluorescent reptiles amphibian reptiles & amphibians 로고

LUCKY HERP Fluorescent Reptiles Amphibian Reptiles & Amphibians

Terrible light

Extremely weak, then blew in less than a day, thought it was defective. Requested a replacement and the replacement did the same. I never got my refund for it.전체 리뷰보기

neon clumping silica litter green 로고

Neon Clumping Silica Litter Green

I've tried pretty much every litter brand in my 30+ years with cats - Fresh Step was always my first choice - not perfect, but overall the best in terms of quality and cost and above all efficiency. I've switched to crystals in the past few years but they're expensive and many of them are sharp as pebbles - they look like they're going to hurt their paws! others didn't hold together tightly or just didn't control the smell enough. The neon sticky silica gel is lightweight and absorbs crystals, but grinds up almost as fine as sand - works in my car toilet too.전체 리뷰보기

hamster sleeping cushions hedgehog chinchilla 로고

Hamster Sleeping Cushions Hedgehog Chinchilla

A bit small

This bed is REALLY cute! However, the advertised 14 inches are somewhat misleading. This is the smaller bed for my guinea pigs. They didn't jump right away like the other beds because they had to flinch to get in. I like the detachable pad for easy cleaning, but I rarely have to clean it because it's small for guinea pigs, which is less useful for them.전체 리뷰보기

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