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droolingdog brother shirts puppy clothes 로고

DroolingDog Brother Shirts Puppy Clothes

Way too small

It was not enough for my big puppy. It is not suitable for a small dog. You need to magnify or measure the size of the dogs before making these shirts. The small size fits a Yorkie, not every dog slightly larger than a Yorkie.전체 리뷰보기

hamster transparent visible suitable accessories 로고

Hamster Transparent Visible Suitable Accessories

Some junk. The kit did not contain all the parts shown in the picture and everything was scratched. It was clearly used. I would avoid this company and this product. I wish I had read the reviews before throwing my money away.전체 리뷰보기

collapsible hideaway training hamsters chinchillas 로고

Collapsible Hideaway Training Hamsters Chinchillas

Pigs get stuck

Good idea but my 6 month old pigs get stuck in it and panic when they try to get out. Hamsters maybe, but shouldn't be advertised for guinea pigs, both of mine didn't like it전체 리뷰보기

gifts for women 로고

Gifts For Women

Camera cover

They were easy to assemble and still work perfectly. I'm worried about how long they will last because they are foam and not plastic.전체 리뷰보기

bowtiexp 로고


The software works very well, it's easy for our staff of about 50 people to use without any problems at all! I am not sure where this comes from but we cannot set up alerts with certain dates or periods because they don't work as expected when compared against other systems like SAP etc (if you can do so then please let us know!). We are looking forward though how much time will be saved by having such an efficient system which helps reduce errors considerably - just look after your own process first before trying out new stuff!! Try working through some examples given online; there might have been more info provided than what was needed initially, however once one understands each step everything else becomes easier too :). 전체 리뷰보기

petshome premium leather adjustable rhinestones 로고

PetsHome Premium Leather Adjustable Rhinestones

Nice though.

Very nice BUT! Cats. It's very thick on the neck and a little heavy. Probably safer for the dog. It's very well made but shouldn't be worn by a cat in my opinion. My cat didn't like it, she couldn't brush up either.전체 리뷰보기

tough vented sport boots medium horses 로고

Tough Vented Sport Boots Medium Horses

These are the best!

My husband trains thoroughbred racehorses. A few of them must be wearing shabby bandages. We kept buying wraps and throwing them away after each use. I found these boots while looking for a reusable product. He was very skeptical, but now he loves her. This is our permanent solution to fatigue during exercise. We still use bandages for real racing. This is due to the extra weight of the boots.전체 리뷰보기

compatible youkei release silicone smartwatch 로고

Compatible YOUkei Release Silicone Smartwatch

Perfect fit

These replacement straps fit my watch perfectly. No problems except one, I think the pin is slightly bent. Also, it is very easy to switch to another area.전체 리뷰보기

baseqi aluminum plugs macbook retina 로고

BaseQi Aluminum Plugs MacBook Retina

Great for today One of the top reviewers For MBP Retina, the metal quality is good Problem CONS1. The aluminum coating and color are different from MBP2. Both Thunderport connectors are not flush. I had to glue small strips of electrical tape3. The price is disgusting due to 2 issues only 1 if you charge extra for an item it should work fine if you don't care about the finishing an SD card should be added. And yes, you risk buying handmade stuff, but I "buy agen" is the only company that makes this type of dust cover. One last thought I'll call this purchase acceptable not the best but well why as they don't fall out as some people have complained about 2 all other dust covers sitting on flash전체 리뷰보기

only natural pet powerfusion poultry 로고

Only Natural Pet PowerFusion Poultry

The best food!

This food is amazing! It's like crack/cocaine for dogs, but in a good way. My new Pitbull hated all dry food (Costco Nature Domain, Blue Wilderness pup, even Fromm's Beef) until I brought it today. I also have a picky 12 year old German Shepherd. Both were crazy about it. I find that raw meat really whets your appetite. I am very satisfied with Power Fusion Red Meat.전체 리뷰보기

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