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bose quietcomfort noise cancelling earbuds 로고

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bought to replace the Sound Sport Wireless. Before that I bought SoundLink III speakers and now I bought a new Portable home speaker. Familiar with Bose sound very well. The most important thing about these headphones is, of course, the sound. It's definitely the best there is. For the sound 10 out of 10. Very clear, the stage is wide, the frequency balance is perfect. If you've ever listened to Bose sound, you'll recognize it. The basses are tight and elastic, there are a lot of medium ones, high ones are clear and not crumbling. This is definitely the best sound in this form factor. Compared to the AirPods Pro, the sound is muffled and there is no stage width as such. AirPods Pro sound 6 out of 10. Noise cancellation at Bose is the main feature, and how bad it can be if the company specialized in audio headsets for pilots. So the quality of the microphones and speech transmission is very good. Noise reduction is very strong, there will be no complete silence, but only low-frequency sounds will remain. Adjusting the noise reduction is pampering, just set it to the maximum and forget it. For noise reduction 10 out of 10. AirPods Pro for noise reduction gets 8 out of 10. It is also not bad there. As a headset, the sound is excellent, loud and clear. Microphones pick up your speech and cut off some of the noise. For this function, you can put 4 out of 10. But it is there and helps when it is very noisy in production. For the voice quality in AirPods Pro 1/10, because you and the noise are heard in the same way. The connection quality is excellent. The left works separately from the right. The sensors work well, there are no comments. The only thing they are inferior to AirPods Pro is the integration with iOS. Estonia Pro connects instantly, then a couple of seconds here. Pros are about show-offs, and Bose are about sound. If you need a headset more, then I would take AirPods, if you need Music more, then of course Bose. It is comfortable to run, although I personally have tight earbuds, they fit so well in my ears that I feel my own steps. If I sit, I don't feel them at all, even for hours. The case is of course large and not very convenient to open, 5/10 for it. Pro 9/10 for the case. 전체 리뷰보기

sandisk 64gb cruzer flash drive 로고

SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Flash Drive

I don't write product reviews very often, but below is my review on SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Flash Drive. I bought it at a normal price, it works fine, it works out the money that I paid in full. I reformatted it for Mac OS and back to Windu, I tried it both there and there. It runs faster on Mac, but generally works well everywhere. I formatted it in FAT and use it to transfer data from Mac OS to Windows and back without third-party programs, which is very convenient. I definitely advise.전체 리뷰보기

joysky wireless controller vibration anti slip 로고

JOYSKY Wireless Controller Vibration Anti Slip

In general, joy is disgusting, it’s normal not to play games. The feeling of pressing in comparison with the original joystick is simply none, the character moves jerkily, some buttons are pressed tightly, others (like X O, etc.) tactilely feel differently. After 2 weeks, L3 began to blunt - the character is pulled to the left. I use only for MK11. Why didn't you return it? Because it became interesting to look at the insides of this disgrace. And in parallel I ordered joy from Ozon from abroad. And I tell all my people not to buy these joysticks on aliexpress. In the photo - the board was so located during the first disassembly, i.e. it is not fixed at all.전체 리뷰보기

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