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This is a game designed by the VRAINAIC company. It was released into the gaming ecosystem in 2018,it is a game that have gotten a bad reputation from gamers and users reviews. It is a game which players tends to attack zombies by using a riffle, it has continued to have a poor rating and popularity since it's release due to lack of update from the developers. The game have not received any update since it's establishment, it has no recognized link with the blockchain ecosystem, it was built and designed by another company which makes it not supported by blockchain. It is not available for iOS but it is available on Android.전체 리뷰보기

card maker 로고

Card Maker

An unaccessible card game with little information

Card maker is a blockchain game where gamers collect and design cards.This project is solely seen by me as a scam,it looks more of an abandoned project by the developers. This game haven't been available for gamers in the gaming ecosystem to explore, it lacks information about it's developers. The game is currently not accessible,the website is not restricted but the page is blank and has no data showing that gamers used the site for gaming activities. Activities are currently on hold, the information about the company are not reliable enough for gamers to explore this game. I recommend that gamers should flee from this platform for now, the whole game and all its features are not updated,it is risky to delve into.전체 리뷰보기

ether legends 로고

Ether Legends

Ether legend is an Ethereum supported blockchain game, it is exciting,speedy, cool, fun-filled and fascinating for lovers of card games. This game has to do with players contesting in an arena to seek for superiority and rewards, cards in this game are tokens and they worth real monetary assets. It is a game with numerous and outstanding qualities, each card in this game are secured with QR code and are available in the blockchain universe for players to get their rewards. It is a very entertaining and unique game, it has amazing features that makes it enjoyable,it is safe,legal and very fast,it is available for download on Playstore, it has good graphics and design. I recommend gamers to explore this game because they don't only enjoy the fun but they earn financial rewards when playing.전체 리뷰보기

natrium wallet 로고

Natrium Wallet

This is a crypto currency holding wallet for the nano token, it is the best platform for keeping nano token. Nano is an Asian crypto currency that is currently getting more popularity around the globe. The nano token is not available on every exchange platform but thanks to natrium wallet clients can now execute trading activities such as buying, selling and transferring of nano token. It has a very standard security system, it cannot be hacked, tokens are secured and safe, the design is also very beautiful and amazing, it is comfortable and friendly for users. It can be received into the wallet through wallet address and QR code scan. 전체 리뷰보기

conicoin wallet 로고

Conicoin Wallet

This is a digital wallet that gives support to all ERC20 tokens, it has a very strong and reliable security system,it has private keys which are unique to every user and is stored securely within users server. This wallet is available for download on iOS servers, it is the first open wallet to be available for Ethereum wallet on iOS server. However this wallet is currently unavailable, the website is out of service, it is said to have application on every website but they are no link to the website. It only works iOS devices but it runs very slow. It has a very confusing and complex user interface which is hard to navigate.전체 리뷰보기

exoplanets 로고


Exoplanets is a blockchain that has to do with action, gamers are given the duty of creating their own planetary bodies with the main reason behind it is to create life and save the planet. It is a unique 3D game, it is very interactive,it has so many interesting and exciting features. Gamers go on a contest in form of a race to mine certain resources,this resources are transformed into exo tokens, this mining activites takes place every four hours, it tends to refill itself after that time interval. It gives financial rewards to gamers, I imploy more positive reviews about this game and I imploy more gamers to explore the platform. 전체 리뷰보기

bitesax 로고



Bithesax is another crypto currency exchange platform that is currently a scam, it is unaccessible for traders,the servers are blocked and difficult for users to explore, log in issues are dangerous as users can lose valuable monetary assets stored on the platform. It has a relatively low accuracy and efficiency rate,it lacks formal recommendation from other companies and exchange platform. It has not been updated since mid 2020 which makes it contain outdated features. It is unavailable for download in mobile devices and iOS server,it offers good trading and I recommend user to stay clear from this platform.전체 리뷰보기

paymium 로고



This is a French crypto currency exchange platform established in 2011, it is based in Paris. It is a decentralized project that has a great service and trading activities across Europe, it also have support from the French government. Multi partnership from global companies in the crypto ecosystem,it provides market surveys and prices of tokens to users. It is not a regional restricted platfrom,it complies with regulations and rules involved in trading crypto currency in Europe. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices, it deals mainly with Bitcoin, traders often refer to it as the BITCOIN BANK. It has different language translation tools which makes it accessible for neighbouring European regions.전체 리뷰보기

bololex 로고



Bobolex is a simple platform, it was developed as a decentralized exchange,but it also allows other services on it's platfrom. It gives airdrops, giveaways, and it's a casino game for users. It is a platform with numerous trading benefits,users can invest to get tokens, it offer liquidity of tokens and it offers good rates for buying and selling. This platfrom is very effective for all activities involving trading and betting,it has a world class developers who are working tiredlessly to improve services on this platform. It is a great virtual game with exciting and unique features, traders are imployed to explore this fascinating platfrom.전체 리뷰보기

naijacrypto 로고



With great delight and excitement, I am very pleased to write on this sumptuous and beautiful exchange platfrom, Naijacrypto is a Nigerian crypto currency exchange platform that is available for both mobile application and web. It is an exchange platfrom that requires no concrete identification when registering but it's higher accounts however requires document verification for users to explore all amazing features. It trades more than 35 crypto currencies on this platform. It permits trading of Bitcoin in the official currency of the country, it has a well composed user interface that provides a tutorial for users to learn how the system works, it allows varieties of trade formats like lending, trading and staking of crypto currencies.전체 리뷰보기

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