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[gigastone] micro sd card 32gb 로고

[Gigastone] Micro SD Card 32GB

I use about a week. Bought for wireless headphones. When problems with playback started, I decided to take speed measurements. As a result, the write speed is not entirely true. However, if you take it only for playback, then there are no complaints. In my case, probably a problem with the headphones. Even 20MB / s should have been enough to play mp3 with a maximum bitrate of 320KB / s. Or, I don't understand something. The good news is that there are no fluctuations in reading speed and access speed, but the fact that it is much lower than the maximum (100MB / s) is a little upsetting. I understand that the speed will be up to 100, but 20 is strong "up to". This memory card will be a good buy for players. For a phone (like expandable memory) it can be a bit slow either immediately or over time. Despite the fact that outwardly this flash drive looks like the original, there are some doubts that this is the original, or some kind of bad batch. Previously, there were no issues with Kingston products.전체 리뷰보기

apple mwp22am a airpods pro 로고

Apple MWP22AM A AirPods Pro

Bought to replace Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro after switching to iPhone. I could not immediately adapt that there was no volume control on the device, although it was this function on the Buds that often caused problems (it was impossible to fix the earpiece without changing the volume, and sometimes the earpiece stood up in the ear so that the ear itself began to change the volume up or down) . Volume control is no problem, if you have an Apple watch then it's easy. If not, then it is every time to the phone, since it is not convenient to control the voice everywhere. In 2022, they generally look askance at you if you talk to devices. In general, the impression is very good, comfortable fit, during the day they do not cause any discomfort at all, they are quickly recharged. I took off a star for the very unreliable plastic case. If on Buds scratches on the case appeared relatively recently (and almost a year has passed), then on Pods scratches appear instantly, which is annoying for such money. I had to buy a silicone case so that the box would not turn into a "pumpkin".전체 리뷰보기

silicon power 2 pack microsd adapter 로고

Silicon Power 2 Pack MicroSD Adapter

The card is suitable for all my gadgets: tablet, smartphone, e-reader, camcorder, SLR camera. The volume of 64GB is enough for me not to buy several cards. Reading speed is good, and does not fall during the entire playback. Records quickly, breaks do not occur. I had an old card with less memory than the seller stated, but in this one the real capacity corresponds.전체 리뷰보기

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