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Bitkub is an exchange platform located in Thailand,it offers traders a more improved exchange services where they can buy,sell,and store crypto currencies. It is a company that is legally registered, traders can trade Ethereum,Bitcoin Cash,wancoin,cardano,omise Go and Bitcoin on this platform. It is very secured that they take full responsibility for all funds of users and they have openly declared it. It's user interface is a beauty to behold, beginners on this platform and experts can easily access, understand and navigate it. Deposit can be made using Fiat, which is the official currency of the country, it is currently the second ranked exchange platform in Thailand,with a large trading volume and a good service delivery skills.  I recommend this very exchange platform for all traders,it is fast and reliable.전체 리뷰보기

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Enjin craft is a game that combined both digital realities and fun making, the company made it known by releasing the demo version for players to try,this version is available on Minecraft. It permits players the opportunity to use,transact blockchain monetary assets in the server . Gamer link their wallets with auto code,it is easy to access your balance for both enjin coil and Ethereum gamers are also allowed to send their assets through mine craft console. The gaming procedures are cool,users are to search for certain rewards like swords,armor,and other tools, With these items you can process the ownership of non fungible assets that u can keep on the enjin wallet It is adventurous and explorable.전체 리뷰보기

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Hello everyone, I want to introduce you all to this beautiful blockchain game called nestables. This is a game that is currently available on browser, the full version is yet to be released by the developers but it has been rumoured that it will be out very soon. It is a very simple game to play and it is also very interesting. The graphics and designs are cool and beautiful,it is More of a game with 3D effects,it is a fun filled game that can be played with so many people,it permits multiplayer, it is enticing because of the rewards it gives players on the platform. It was an amazing experience playing this game and I recommend it to all players to try it.전체 리뷰보기

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This is a mining pool software where users can mine and earn from it. It was launched in August 2020, using this pool you can mine coins like Bitminer pool, litecoin,2 cash. They are so many efforts by this company to improve it's services for users, it uses the pay -per Share (PPS) and the pay -per last share (PPLS) method. Deposit on this platform is very easy,it has numerous methods for deposit,users can either use crypto coin,Asic mining,GPU mining and CPU mining. Users are however advised to use the CPU mining Because it is easily understandable for both beginners and experts.This platform has a unique feature of allowing miners to also track miners activities.전체 리뷰보기

amplify exchange 로고

Amplify Exchange

Amplify exchange

This is an exchange that gives rise to so many possibilities in all types of trade, it allows electricity trading for users,it is one of the best in the crypto currency market,it allows users the possibility to use hybrid transactions. This exchange platform has not presented users with information about the developers and the brand itself,it is not very liable for users to trade here. The trading volume has been $0.00 for a long time now,the social Media groups where traders meet to interact and share ideas on telegram has been dormant for some time now. I recommend that traders stay away from this platform until further reviews and Information are being shared.전체 리뷰보기

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This is a Shanghai based crypto currency exchange that exchanges Bitcoin and ether for so Many Fiat currencies, it was first a Bitcoin exchange platform for traders and financial mogul who invested their time and resources in the blockchain technology. It has a very tight and diplomatic security system that protect and secure the funds of every users on this platform,the platform implemented systems like two factor authentication, SMS withdrawal confirmation,trade notification and SSL encryption. Bitcoin mining on this platform is free,it also offers Bitcoin wallets for all users where they can keep Bitcoin in their wallets or in the lakeBTC wallet. It gives 0.2% exchange rate for buyers and 0.5-0% for developers.전체 리뷰보기

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Hello everyone, let me give u brief insight on the crypto currency exchange called nanex. This is an exchange platform that was built on a more direct crypto -to - crypto trading system, it serves as a link for exchange between nano and other coins like Ethereum, litecoin and others. This exchange has little information on it's site,it is a platform that is currently facing a decline in trading activities, it has a very good security system which ensures the insurance of funds of users, system like two factor authentication are being installed. It is however basically dependent on only nano,it has made provision on an online wallet where users can transact various coins. I imploy that users don't place too much trust on this platform as information are limited about the company.전체 리뷰보기

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Radar Relay

Radar Relay

This is an exchange platform from the blockchain technology that trade Ethereum based tokens,it is a decentralized platform that makes payment to users using smart contracts to transfer digital monetary assets to users. It is an exchange that is unique because it does not require signing up or registration,users just install the application and connect other external wallets to this exchange. Traders can also trade DAI which is another token in the crypto ecosystem, it's design and graphics are great,it is very fast and efficient, it has amazingly a system that allows traders to keep on track their balance while they continue trading activities.전체 리뷰보기

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Jubi is a crypto currency exchange that was brought back to limelight after facing suspension years after it was established. It is later came back and transactions was revived on its platform with some many exchanges going on. Users no this platform are very little,the exchange has been dormant again after returning and users haven't gotten their funds back. The recent closure of this platform has made it look like a fraudulent exchange that wants to steal users funds because they wasn't any preamble before the recent closure,some good number of users got their money back after social media protest. This platform is currently not available,it seems to be abandoned and traders should stay away from it to avoid lost.전체 리뷰보기

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Token better

Token better is one of the best exchange in the world right now, it is a platform that has the capacity and ensures monthly airdrops for users. It was launched in October 2020, withdrawal and deposit for users on this platform is very simple and fast, users can conveniently withdraw funds and make deposit anytime. It offers a yearly return on Ethereum airdrop, it is flexible easy and secured,it has a great customer service that adheres and work According to traders complaint and comments. It offers a unique form of mining for users that allows them to mine currencies and withdraw or deposit through the block chain network.전체 리뷰보기

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