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huyun privacy shutter protects logitech accessories & supplies 로고

HUYUN Privacy Shutter Protects Logitech Accessories & Supplies

Disappointment of the year! Bought to replace an old C615 camera. The picture has become clearer, and the colors are more natural. Autofocus is also a good thing, although it works every other time. But the sound is just awful. Why put a stereo microphone if it's worse than the microphone in the cheaper C615 model? And how did it happen at all, if the C920 is an older model? The microphone has a strong distortion in low frequencies, but there is really no upper one - as a result, the voice sounds unintelligible, unnatural, muffled like a barrel and is perceived by interlocutors worse than on the previous camera. Yes, it is more voluminous and saturated than in C615, but what's the point if the interlocutor is forced to listen to mumbling instead of normal speech? In general, Logitech, this is a huge disappointment and the last device that I bought from you. If I were you, I would be ashamed to put "PRO" in the model name. PS: I handed it back to the store, after the examination they said that the microphone was defective and returned the money. Okay, something was really wrong with my copy. But I decided to look at different reviews in order to choose another webcam, and . lo and behold! . in all reviews without exception, the C920 merges the sound of other cameras from Logitech itself, even cheaper ones. This does not mean that the C920 has the worst microphone on the market - there are worse. But this is definitely not the sound that will please your interlocutors and corresponds to the level of the camera. I may still buy another camera from Logitech, but I can only recommend the C920 to those who are not going to use the built-in microphone at all.전체 리뷰보기

sandisk ultra flash drive sdcz48 064g a46 로고

Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive SDCZ48 064G A46

Today I will present you my review of the product Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive SDCZ48 064G A46. Write speed to USB 3.0 drops after 10-15 seconds (first 50 then 18-20 Mb/s). Periodically, a message appears that the system has detected errors on the disk. Also periodically the flash drive disappears and then appears again. When watching movies on TV, there were no failures.전체 리뷰보기

joysky wireless controller vibration anti slip 로고

JOYSKY Wireless Controller Vibration Anti Slip

There is no sound in dual shock (if you connect to a PC via bluetooth), and it’s an awesome gempad, it works by wire if there is no bluetooth, ps4 and 3 connect without problems. If you choose a gamepad for PC and this is your first gamepad, then it's better to look towards the xbox controller, because it's not so simple here, because not all games support duashok, but everything works like chocolate through building software or Steam.전체 리뷰보기

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