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crocs unisex superhero spiderman toddler boys' shoes and clogs & mules 로고

Crocs Unisex Superhero Spiderman Toddler Boys' Shoes and Clogs & Mules

Gift for Godson

Bought for my godson as a birthday gift. The first pair I had were large but luckily the seller was very understanding and allowed me to exchange them. (It was my fault) Had no trouble swapping them out and I finally got the right ones and he loves them! My cousin sends me some pics of him wearing them and she says he cries when she has to take them off before bed. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I hope he enjoys them to wear all year round,전체 리뷰보기

converter cable support compatible slim 로고

Converter Cable Support Compatible Slim

just what i wanted

This is slightly more expensive than component to HDMI converters which you can easily find for about $10 less. This is a more elegant solution as it has a dedicated xbox360 connector and HDMI outputs. This means that digital audio is also transmitted via HDMI. Component to HDMI converters don't have digital audio input, only RCA, so I was worried that the audio output would be significantly compromised. With this product I didn't have to worry about the sound setup and got high quality digital audio output to my surround receiver via HDMI.전체 리뷰보기

playstation wi fi model onigara black pchj 10008 로고

PlayStation Wi Fi Model Onigara Black PCHJ 10008

After much research on various Japanese limited edition PS Vitas, I settled on Toukiden! The reason I went with this is because I wanted a PS Vita 1000 series, Wi-Fi only with the game included. I am completely satisfied with this product. The box art is great, I tend to keep it in sight for my own enjoyment. The Vita itself is gorgeous, in a lovely black color with a phenomenal pattern on the rear touchpad. Setup was easy after I switched the language to English. It is true that the circle key is used for "confirm" as opposed to the X key which I am used to, but after using it a few times it became second nature to me. Toukiden game is cool although I can't follow the plot because I can. I haven't read Japanese but I found some tutorials online. Aside from the X and O buttons being swapped, the Vita is exactly the same as the 3G Phat Vita I previously bought. You can't go wrong with this kit. Please note that this kit does NOT include a memory card. Remember! the vita is exactly the same as the 3g phat vita i previously bought. You can't go wrong with this kit. Please note that this kit does NOT include a memory card. Remember! the vita is exactly the same as the 3g phat vita i previously bought. You can't go wrong with this kit. Please note that this kit does NOT include a memory card. Remember!전체 리뷰보기

estamico cowboys toddler waterproof winter boys' shoes - boots 로고

ESTAMICO Cowboys Toddler Waterproof Winter Boys' Shoes - Boots


Don't know how to rate these? I would give 5 stars because they are absolutely adorable. But the ratio of leg length to foot size is wrong. My kid will never be able to wear them because they don't velcro around her calf/ankle (she's only a 43% length to weight ratio so she's not big), but the shoe size fits. Unfortunately I missed the return deadline because of Mom's Life, maybe my little daughter who is due in March can do it?전체 리뷰보기

finger rotates swivels magnetic compatible accessories & supplies 로고

Finger Rotates Swivels Magnetic Compatible Accessories & Supplies

I liked the functionality until it fell off. There are no installation instructions included with the kit, so I simply wiped the back of the silicone case with a handkerchief, let it dry and glued it on. It went like this for 4 days. I'm very upset with this and hope the other adhesive is compatible and won't ruin my case.전체 리뷰보기

unicorn children swimming slippers u621cdlkdddx01 pink 165 boys' shoes : clogs & mules 로고

Unicorn Children Swimming Slippers U621CDLKDDDX01 Pink 165 Boys' Shoes : Clogs & Mules

Bought for a four year old, she loves them. They fit well and the ability to fold the back strap forward to both pull them on and keep them snug. Plus a clip with a unicorn and a rainbow.전체 리뷰보기

girls premium baptism toddler months 로고

Girls Premium Baptism Toddler Months

Adorable shoes! Fit great and they lasted all day. They fit like little moccasins. My son was 3.5 months old when we christened him and walked in these shoes. The socks seemed too warm for a summer baptism so I took them and couldn't be happier. I received many compliments on her throughout the day. We are from size 0 to 3 months and they fit him great. A simple yet charming cross detail. Great product for the price!전체 리뷰보기

esamcore upgraded automobile compatible cellphone 로고

ESamcore Upgraded Automobile Compatible Cellphone

I have been looking for a good car phone holder for a long time. I was initially skeptical because it's magnetic, but after reading the reviews I knew I'd be fine. NO! ONE it looks garish you have to attach a big black magnet to the back of your phone and my iPhone case is clear it looks awful. TWO, the instructions were literally a tiny page with only 3 steps. (not that it was difficult to install, but still). Lastly, it only holds my phone when it's pointed at the roof of my car. If I try to move it towards me, it falls down immediately because the phone is too heavy! Very disappointed.전체 리뷰보기

volcom frickin shorts charcoal heather boys' clothing 로고

Volcom Frickin Shorts Charcoal Heather Boys' Clothing

I ordered 2 pairs of black shorts and 1 pair of gray shorts. I have 1 pair of black shorts, 1 pair of gray shorts and 1 pair of black pants 🤦‍♀️ I didn't order pants, they run small전체 리뷰보기

ortofon concorde club mkll twin 로고

Ortofon Concorde Club MKll Twin

You won't know what you're missing until you try these. I have used Shure white labels and recently bought them and the difference is amazing! Clear and crisp - I just wish I'd jumped sooner. Shame on my safe needles!전체 리뷰보기

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