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Vitblock exchange came from Singapore in the year 2018, this is a message on telegram. The exchange stated that users should make very sure they withdraw there funds before on 28th February 2018, this means the exchange was going to go. And also it means that the exchange is kit a successful one, because it didn't even spend completely two year in the crypto market. Please don't trade here. Also the telegram management will soon disown the account as the admin of the group has not been online over 5minths now. The exchange has no trading volume. Please don't even mistakenly deposits here. Thank you.전체 리뷰보기

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Naijacrypto is another legit exchange that was launched in Nigeria. This exchange is very very good in it services. The registration was not too stressful. Though the exchange requires kyc. This exchange is a regulated exchange and has it users funds to be stored in a cold wallet. This will surely avoid any hack ability by scammers. The exchange charges no fee for deposit, and also allows crypto currency as form of deposit. The trading fee is very low. The trading interface is as well customizable and well arranged. I have never had any confusion when trading here as everything is made with high sense of simplicity and ease. Thanks, please check the exchange services.전체 리뷰보기

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Oasis Exchange

Oasis exchange came up as a centralized exchange in the year 2019 in Korea. I didn't usually like Korean exchange any longer since one amongst their exchanges has stolen my funds, I lost this passion of any exchange belonging to Korea. Though it is not possible for all of the Korean exchanges to be scam, they are some that will be good at least. Also, one reason why I didn't like Korean exchange. That they only give more beneficial service to the Korean traders. Oasis exchange has a good liquid and trading volume. The trading interface was nice coupled with the trading fee but the language barriers also affected me a bit. So I was not comfortable with that, that was how I left the exchange. Though the exchange is more beneficial to the Korean traders. 전체 리뷰보기

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