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sony wh 1000xm4 canceling headphones phone call accessories & supplies 로고

Sony WH 1000XM4 Canceling Headphones Phone Call Accessories & Supplies

Top headphones. The sound is great and so on. I wear it either on my head, or around my neck (there is no strong discomfort), or in a backpack (they fold up and become quite compact). In principle, they are comfortable, but, again, they fall off when the head lies horizontally. To walk around the city - that's it. At home, you can put it on your neck and turn it on a little louder. The sound will accompany you and you will hear everything around (look - do not bother anyone). I like management. The only thing missing is a second touchpad with other features. (with which?). I'm not in urban conditions in them quite audible. With moderate background noise, it is also audible. In urban conditions, the microphone did not check. I don't like talking on the phone while driving. Do not take if you have a small head. 전체 리뷰보기

bluetooth wireless cancelling charging resistant 로고

Bluetooth Wireless Cancelling Charging Resistant

Many people write that Proshki are much better in sound quality than regular Buds. I wonder how badly the Bads play if the Proshs play frankly average? Tried Senhi Momentum 2 - here they are better in terms of sound. But in other respects they are far behind. And here the shape of the ear pads is bad - they are flattened (not a round shape, but an ellipse in cross section). The ear pads can rotate (despite the fact that they have grooves, and the headphones have a guide) and because of this there may be an incorrect fit. In general, I took it for 9500 - this is still a normal price tag, but I strongly advise against taking more than 10,000, because convenience is convenience, and for the initial 18,000 they, to put it mildly, do not sound. Yes, what is there, they don’t even sound at 9000r.전체 리뷰보기

silicon power 2 pack microsd adapter 로고

Silicon Power 2 Pack MicroSD Adapter

A little bit of my personal opinion about the product Silicon Power 2 Pack MicroSD Adapter . formatted in exfat, the speed of work (in the samsung galaxy s3 phone - the antutu program): - reading: 48.2 mb / s - writing: 16.9 mb / s the same cards from other manufacturers such as kingston give less modest results. i wonder if there will be android 4.1. 2 read in fat32, you should try.전체 리뷰보기

belkin usb if certified 6 foot metallic 로고

Belkin USB IF Certified 6 Foot Metallic

After 2 years of extremely rare use on business trips and holidays, it stopped working - somewhere in the middle of the wire the contact disappeared. If you try to twist the wire a little, then the contact appears and the charging goes on, but it is unstable and may disappear again after a while . When using the cable, as a rule, it was straight and did not twist. During storage, it was rolled up in rings as from the factory. I do not recommend, I took a baseus 100w 2m for 400r as a replacement.전체 리뷰보기

logitech widescreen calling recording desktop 로고

Logitech Widescreen Calling Recording Desktop

The first thing I would like to note is the excellent quality of the microphones. At first, instead of this camera, I tried to use the old one and the Philips SBC ME570 microphone. Quality, as they say, "day and night". With C920 microphones, you can walk around the room, speak in a whisper, turn on music - all this is perfectly audible to the interlocutor. At the same time, the camera has a sound correction mode that will easily "smother" the sound from an open window or the same quiet music. In general, there are settings, they work, and its up to you to choose. The only cant is the clicks that are heard when the sound correction mode is turned off. Although, perhaps these are problems of my built-in sound card, the selected gain level, or something else. In any case, this is not such a fundamental matter. The second thing I would like to note is the quality of the picture. This, of course, is not HD at all, because. the physical size of the matrix in 920 was reduced from 5 to 3 megapixels, and physics cannot be deceived. The farther away from the camera, the more blurred objects become. If you bring to the camera, say, a sheet of paper with text, then it will try to tune in to the macro mode for quite some time. Otherwise, everything is just fine. More than enough for video conferencing. Thirdly, I would like to note the mount. As experience has shown, this is an important aspect. This camera has a hole for mounting a tripod, which most similar devices lack. And in vain, since I personally find it much more convenient to hold the camera on a small tripod. Finally, I would like to note the general convenience of work. I did not have any problems with the "software from the official site", which they write about here. Everything works on the principle of "connect and go, lets go." Win7 pro 64 system. In other words, take it if you don’t mind the money and before that there was a simple / built-in camera.전체 리뷰보기

reader gikersy memory adapter simultaneously 로고

Reader GIKERSY Memory Adapter Simultaneously

I liked that it arrived in 4 days. At first they wrote that the order would arrive on the 13th, then they said that it was 8. I took it in five) Although the speed was not declared, it was still 3 times faster than my old Adata. The phone did not swear at all, everything is fine. Only when choosing the storage function in the phone, always select the option to use for data transfer. And then I chose another one and after that the computer did NOT see the card, I had to format it (from the phone).전체 리뷰보기

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